My wife is leaving me..

to go to Peru to see our daughter. She has to be at the airport tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at the ungodly hour of 5 freaking A.M. International check-in sounds like it’s going to be just loads of fun We all know that elementary school art teachers pose such a threat.

She’ll be gone for over a week, and I may have to mitigate my loneliness with lots of barbecue, and then some more barbecue. Luckily for me, the NCAA tournament starts Thursday. Since I pretty much disappear for hours and hours at a time once the tourney starts, the mere separation of a thousand or so miles will merely add a new dimension to my annual zone of solitude. This year, at least, I’ll have the bonus of not having to answer the question ‘who’s winning’ to a person whose apathy palpably precedes her entry into the room and remains cloud-like upon her exit. Actually, by the 12th straight game, I just might miss some of that apathy.



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11 responses to “My wife is leaving me..

  1. Oh! Have a good trip to Lynn!

    Not feeling much sorry for you, John. Basketball… bleh.

  2. It’s so hard when one’s spouse goes away for any length of time. You just get used to having them *there* and then they’re not! I know how you feel, John. E-mail me and let’s do lunch. 🙂

  3. That title didn’t fool me for a second. 😉 By the way, my wife is leaving me too…

    …for a week of vacation in Florida. I’m up for copious amounts of barbecue whenever our schedules are in sync. It’s just me, the dog, and a typical work week coming up.

    Oh, at my workplace, we once had three Peruvian interns. The bar of beauty was raised quite high whenever they were around.

  4. Ah you underestimate the talent of an elementary art teacher. They have the power to subdue 30 little people at one time. If she teamed up with others of her kind, think of the havoc that may ensue.

    Do what I do when the spouse isn’t around, visit Ivy.

  5. See, this gives you no good reason NOT to come to the blogger meet-up on Saturday in Smryna.

    Well, except that whole March Madness watchin’ thing….

  6. KC

    I imagine you’ve got to be a wee bit jealous…

  7. My husband leaves me all the time. So much that if he’s home too long, I get antsy and have to start pushing him towards the door. One can only take so much WWE, NBA and poker.

    I imagine you’ll fill your time wisely and won’t be lonesome for a second.

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