Predators play great for 24 minutes, sadly game lasts 60..

It was a packed house tonight at the arena for the Preds highly anticipated ice-off with the Detroit Red Wings. Oddly, for a game this important, the crowd didn’t seem to be all that excited (except for a few odd  scattered minutes and when we scored). The Predators came out firing and played a brilliant most of the first period, but managed to only score one goal while giving up one in exchange.

The second period was pretty much a complete buzzkill, at least for Predator fans. Maybe it’s the cumulative effect of injuries: Sullivan, Hartnell and the mysterious upper body woes of the Swede-ex-machina, Forsberg. I don’t know, but you’d think a Detroit game would bring out the best, but it just didn’t happen tonight.

Tootoo was whoohooo for most of the night, and young A-Rad (Radulov) finally scored another goal, but not much else brought the fans into the game. All in all, a disappointing evening..and to think I missed American Idol. Oh yeah, Detroit won 5-2 and are now a single point behind their prey. Here’s to becoming predator again tomorrow night!


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