Pump it up, or how many times can we screw New Orleans?

President Bush promised that New Orleans would be safe in time for the 2006 hurricane season. Thank God, the season was relatively mild, because much of the readiness for the season was based on the installation of these special water pumps that would take water from the city and pump it into Lake Pontchartrain.

One small wee problem: These pumps are as defective as four dollar shoes. The corps of engineers guy in charge says:

he pumps are now being pulled out and overhauled because of excessive vibration

The AP reports that:

Other problems have included overheated engines, broken hoses and blown gaskets, according to the documents obtained by the AP.

And this was during a pretty calm season…But, HERE’s the fun part. The pumps were manufactured by a company called ‘Moving Waters Industries Corp from Deerfield, Florida. The owner of the company is a former business partner of a guy named Bush, Jeb Bush, and is a big-time donor to the Republican party.

You start to get the feeling that government projects in this administration are like the goody bags that the presenters receive for the work they do at the Oscars or the Grammys…hand-picked for the hand-picked.

Another fun fact about the Moving Water folks is that they were accused in 2002 of “fraudulently helping Nigeria obtain $74 million in taxpayer-backed loans for overpriced and unnecessary water-pump equipment”. Good thing the folks in Nigeria don’t live in hurricane territory……then they’d be really in trouble.



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2 responses to “Pump it up, or how many times can we screw New Orleans?

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  2. waitmyturn22

    I hope this will make my Jeb Bush stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂 http://www.prediction-markets.info/rd.php?language=en&wordid=88

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