Evolution disproved, (but intelligient design has to be questioned as well!)

Sanjaya, the young haircut in search of a voice, survived again tonight on American Idol. The herd was thinned with the elimination of the often-out-of-tune Brandon, but even Brandon sounds like Chris Isaac compared to the rajah-rep of the twinkie-voiced.

Last year, the ‘chicken little’ guy lasted longer than any sane person would have allowed, so I guess we’re due another anomoly. Of course, this is the country that didn’t watch ‘Arrested Development’ and still watches that stupid show with Jim Belushi (John B’s body is a rollin’ in the grave). We are not men, we are de-vo(lved)…

Late addition now that I’ve thought a little more about the pressing issues of the day:  Was that actually Diana Ross or some pretty decent ‘drag’ impersonator?   If her vocals would have been judged honestly, and if she was a contestant, she’d be on the short list to go home.  She ‘was’ great, but in the context where ‘was’ means 25 years ago.  I really hope her handlers tweak the meds juuuuust a little bit, unless her idea of a conversation is literally repeating back word for word the sentence or phrase that was just spoken by the other member of the ‘conversation’.

I’m still waiting for Tom Waits night.  Sanjaya singing ‘Rain Dogs’ just might force me to get my recumbent ass off the sofa and vote…



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4 responses to “Evolution disproved, (but intelligient design has to be questioned as well!)

  1. I *heart* votefortheworst.com!

  2. I think it was a Diana Ross impersonator.
    I only watched the toss off at the end, but saw her sing and she preens a bit, doesn’t she?

  3. Come’on guys, don’t you know? That was Michael Jackson in a big, frizzy wig!

    I’m still patiently waiting Barry Gibb night. Y’all will know it’s happening when you hear squeels from South of town.

  4. I’ve tired of AI and am patiently awaiting the start of Dancing With The Stars. I can’t wait for that Heather Mills’ leg to fall plumb off right there on national teevee. Now THAT will be entertainment. Oh gosh, that reminds me of a hilarious Smiff Family story that I’ll have to get all the details straight and blog about. It had to do with a one legged man and a gun.

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