I ‘get’ PI with a little help from my friends..

Do you know why today (March 14) is PI day?   It took me way too long to figure this out.

ht: Phil Arnold



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10 responses to “I ‘get’ PI with a little help from my friends..

  1. wow John…just exactly HOW long did it take you to figure that out?
    just curious…

    by the way, I think I may be ready to take the wordpress plunge. I’m just feeling up for something new. If I happened to show up at Mothership for lunch on Saturday and I just happened to have my laptop on me…would anyone with any WordPress knowledge be nearby??

  2. I have no comment on exactly how long it took me to have that somewhat ‘dimmed’ lightbulb moment. Just the fact that it didn’t seem obvious says a lot about my powers of observation and association.

    Yes, Emily, someone really may be at the Mothership, and that someone does feel somewhat comfortable with the ‘how WordPress works world’. Of course that someone just MAY be the same person that took more than the average amount of time associating 3-14 with PI day.

    Just admittin’

  3. um, wow you sure can tell Mrs. Hutchmo is out of the country–you’re sitting around figuring out PI!

    Hey, are you going to the Middle TN Blogger & Podcast thingy at 2 on Saturday?

  4. KC

    Uh…3.14, right?

    Just imagine the joy on March 14, 2015.

    It’ll be Pi Day to the fifth degree!

  5. hmm..so do people that understand wordpress eat lunch around noon-ish on saturdays??

  6. Linda

    My son’s 8th grade math class at MLK celebrated PI day yesterday with pies. We contributed apple and it was a big success. But, then, who doesn’t like pie?

  7. Emily – people who have really really good friends who are at the guru-level of WordPress knowledge eat around noon on Saturday’s at the M’Ship. I will attempt to pass on my knowledge to any grasshoppers who want to learn from the master…hey, I know the master’s phone number!

  8. salemslots.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Incredible article!

  9. You have done it again! Great article.

  10. If I had a dollar for every time I came to salemslots.wordpress.com.. Incredible article!

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