Salems Lots: BANNED in CHINA

Life has little meaning for the 1.3 billion souls residing in China. According to THIS, I’m banned. So’s Slarti, Ginger, and Ceeelcee’s new baseball site. Apparently the culture club is wielded by humorless totalitarian paddy-wackers. Don’t they know that I, yes, I, was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Come on President Bush, tell them to tear that firewall DOWN!

ft: CliCkeD

Update: I call BS (whoops, more trouble in China for me).Ā  Lindsey, one of my very favorite filthy feminist-types in the universe is ALLOWED by the dirty Mao-ists to be read by the women of China.Ā  Considering the disfavor bestowed upon the female babies of that part of Asia, I’m surprised they’d let their surviving girls and women read such a blog!



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15 responses to “Salems Lots: BANNED in CHINA

  1. Hey, I’m not censored! Yow! Wonder why. I seem to say filthy things a lot more often than you do. And I am at least as much of a dirty lefty as you are.


  2. I’m banned.
    I feel so important and wicked.

  3. Cool! I’m honored to be among what China considers the riff raff!

  4. Hey, even the Chinese are allowed to have my blog. Was surprised, to say the least.

  5. Don’t worry, Hutchmo. You are *huge* in Europe.

    The site won’t even review my site to see if I’m banned. It just keeps timing out. I must be on triple-secret probation. šŸ˜‰

  6. LMAO Rob, I have the same prob. We must be so cool they don’t even WANT us to know whether we’re banned or not.

  7. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I guess this means it’s time for a toga party. šŸ˜‰

  8. Rob – apparently, your alma mater is Faber College (Where knowledge is Good). Always good to know. I’m guessing that few of the alumni, like you, will ever be able to be read in China.

  9. I’m banned, too. It’s cause I’m so nawtee.

  10. Jon

    Damn it, I’m not blocked, that’s pretty darn insulting. Maybe I need more ‘Free Tibet’ posts.

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  12. I’m NOT banned! But I kind of knew that already, as I said at KathyT’s place, I get regular hits from China on my stats. Don’t know who they are or why they visit but that’s okay!

  13. Jon,
    You aren’t banned??
    I thought it would happen.
    Me, I’m Chinese toast,

  14. I’m allowed! So if you want to get any messages about baseball or good BBQ in Nashville through to your contacts over there, just let me know.

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