Pete Rose: Worst person in the World*

I love baseball. No secret. I hate anything that gets in the way and makes the game suspect or unwatchable. Things that get in the way: steroids, HGH, Tim McCarver blathering, and gambling on baseball by people who have a stake in the outcome of the game, i.e. players, managers, front office folks.

It’s that last one that spurs me to write today. Pete Rose, the player, was exciting, inspiring and one of the great hitters of the game. He was also a jerk, a bully and a gambler. He lost his managerial job, and any hopes of getting another job in Major League Baseball when it was discovered that he had gambled on the outcome of games, including games  he managed. For many years, Rose swore he never ever ever ever gambled on baseball. Sadly for him, but no-so-sadly for baseball, justice and the American way, the evidence was overwhelming.

Finally, after it became clear that Rose was becoming an after-thought and a ‘never-ran’ in his hopes of entering the Hall of Fame, Rose issued a meek mea culpa and admitted that he might, just might have gambled on baseball, but not on games he managed. This mea culpa JUST HAPPENED to come out when he was peddling a book.

Everyone but Rose’s immediate family and dog realized that Rose was after publicity. We knew his tears were mock and more appopriate for the crocodiles of this world.

Now, several years later, and several appeals to return to baseball denied, and with his name dropping once again off the radar, GUESS WHAT…Rose is admitting that he bet on EVERY game that he managed, because ‘he believed in his team’ so much.

I call BS. The report issued by the Dowd Investigation stated that Rose gambled on SOME of the games he managed. The truth is, Rose was not a ‘blind’ gambler. He studies his Racing Form and he studies the football injury reports, and he certainly KNEW when his team had a better chance to win. I’m guessing he bet on his team in those games. The absence of a Rose bet in other games tipped people off to perhaps bet against the Reds.

Rose’s admissions have trickled out when he wants something: entry into the Hall of Fame or increased book sales. When the current fervor erodes, look for a slightly more damning self-admission, and also try to figure out what exactly Rose wants THIS time.

* Outside of dictators, death squad members, right-wing talk show hosts that make jokes about killing Mexicans, the people behind the god-awful ‘bbq’ ‘sandwich’ I purchased at the Preds game on Tuesday night and the truly lucifer-ific person who devised how cell phone minutes are computed.



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11 responses to “Pete Rose: Worst person in the World*

  1. Squirrel Queen and I were talking about this issue earlier.
    Gamblers gamble. Rose makes some of the lamest excuses and it’s been nearly two decades of this.
    And, although I adored the McGwire/Sosa homerun season, I had a picture of McGwire on the wall of my office.
    It was a great photo of him hitting his 70th.
    I took it down. I enjoyed that season, but when he testified, I was so disappointed I took it down. It’s in the attic.

  2. What a disappointment. I always liked Johnny Bench better anyway (on my hierarchy of Cincinnati Reds players I am a fan of).

  3. Let him in!! Let the Hit King in! lol

  4. I agree with your sentiments about Pete Rose being a negative role model. However, I’m all for putting him in the Hall of Fame, asap, retroactively to the minute he was first eligible.

    Regardless of his poor personal decisions, the man could flat-out play baseball, better than all but a few others in the history of the sport.

    Just like Newscoma, I avidly followed the Sosa/McGwire race and even got a mail-order subscription to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch–back then you couldn’t read all newspapers online, bless their hearts. But I don’t think players with proven steroid use should be in the Hall. To me, that changes their ability to play the game.

    If you could show me that Rose threw games as a player, I’d say, keep up the ban. But otherwise, the man earned his spot.

  5. Susan

    Pete Rose was a great baseball player, and that is a known fact!

    When Pete played, who didn’t watch him! Many people (fans or not) watched the Reds play, just in order to see if Pete Rose was going to take a flying leap, onto homeplate, with one of his famed “stomach” slides! Fans would wait on the edge of their seats, just to see if Pete would hit a ball into the upper stadium seats!

    Overall, Pete brought people into the stands of the Reds stadium, and the those fans at home tuned on their TV or Radio, when Pete would head up to the plate! Pete did his job as a player to keep the Reds in the public eye, keep their fans tuned in, and most importantly he played the game, for the world to see, full of heart and soul!

    Pete Rose deserves to have the ban lifted, and be placed within Baseball’s Hall of Fame! Pete Rose deserves to be remembered thoughout history, and known for how he PLAYED the game!!!

  6. Thanks for the thoughts on this. They are my thoughts exactly, because I detest people who cloak their lust for publicity in the guise of “being sorry.” I don’t want public apologies from people like this – just go away.

    As far as the hall is concerned, I look at it this way: if I were convicted of insider trading I’d lose my job, go to jail, and no one would care what I’d done well prior to that. If people love the game so much they should realize that this kind of thing makes a mockery of it. You can’t put someone like that in the hall.

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  8. lsg

    Pete Rose has no place in baseball…period…Yeah Pete, you are missing out on a boat load on Hall of Fame money and endorsements..Uhhh, your fault! My advice is to get treatment for your addiction(s), because we know you are still gambling on something somewhere. Put baseball behind you, since baseball is surely viewing your recent comments from their rear view mirror.

  9. If I ever just want to argue with my brothers I bring up Pete Rose. They’re rabid baseball fans and think he should be allowed back in baseball AND the HOF. I love your post and plan on pilfering some of it for the next round of good, clean debate@!

  10. Oh…and for all you Cheat Rose fans:

    Baseball’s Code of Ethics

    1. When a teammate get plunked, retaliation is required.
    2. When retaliating, do not throw above the shoulders.
    3. What goes on the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.
    4. What goes on after-hours stays in the clubhouse, too.
    5. Sacrifice individual glory for the good of the team.
    6. Admire home runs at your own risk.
    7. Beek in for signs at your own risk.
    8. When up by six in the seventh, go to cruise control–most of the time.
    9. Do not whine if you get caught cheating.
    10. Above all else, respect the game.

  11. Pete Rose is one of those “wait 10 minutes” things for me. There is absolutely no denying that he was an incredible baseball player. He was so darned good, it almost outweighs everything else. Considering the questionable behavior of so many members of the HOF (including one of my heroes, John McGraw), it seems wrong not to lift the ban.

    But betting on baseball, especially games you were part of, well this is a sore spot for baseball. Were it not for Babe Ruth, baseball would have died in the 20’s after the Black Sox scandal. Phrases like “integrity of the game” are still held sacred by fans, owners and players. Pete Rose turned that integrity into a joke. He cannot be rewarded.

    The only solution is to not induct him while he’s alive. He should be inducted posthumously, to honor his incredible play in the 70’s.

    Speaking of, my dad took us boys to Fulton County stadium in the mid 70’s to see the Braves play the Reds. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Charlie Hustle, and the rest of the Big Red Machine – and I got to see Phil Neikro and the great Henry Aaron. I need to call my dad and thank him for that.

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