I’d just like to state for the record that I have an affidavit showing that I picked VCU over Duke in my men’s brackets. I was never worried (heh).

Unfortunately I fell for the Old Dominion hype and picked them to beat Butler. I also had some leftover admiration for Gonzaga and stupidly thought they’d hobble the Hooosiers (I apparently don’t have much loyalty for the state of my birth).

After one day, I’m 14-2. According to the standings on ESPN and Yahoo (where I have brackets), most of America is doing as well as I am, or better.

Update: Saturday morning. I really didn’t believe in the Ky Wildcats, but for some reason I did believe in the Ar-kansas Razorbacks…d’oh! I do believe West Coast b’ball is way over-rated (cept’ maybe UCLA and Oregon), but I apparently over-rated Ar-kansas late-season surge.

My pick-to-win Kansas is starting well, but my pick to go far, Oregon, barely squeaked by. It should be noted that Texas has amazing talent and a not-so-amazing coach. I’m 27-5 going into second round action.


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