So I nominated an axe murderer to the Supreme Court, and even though THAT didn’t work out, it’s still fun to blame her for everything

“Harriet. Harry-ette. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis. Beautiful,Blame-able bemuse-ed, bellicose butcher. Un-trust… ing. Un-know… ing. Un-love… ed?….”

One of my very very favorite parts of ‘let’s sack the U.S. attorneys because they weren’t loyal Bushies’ saga is that the MEN of the White House tried to pawn the firings off on the might-as-well-be-late, Harriet Miers. How nice, in addition to the political massacre, to blame this on the unpopular person who doesn’t even work here anymore.

Sadly for Alberto G., recently uncovered memos (don’t they understand yet that email, like cockroaches, last forEVER?) show that:

the idea of firing U.S. attorneys actually began while he was the chief White House lawyer and that he had discussed the matter while he was preparing for Senate confirmation hearings on his nomination as attorney general.

So, we have a round of suspect firings, orchestrated by the head A.G. and the brain of Bush, aka Karl Rove, and their story is that ‘IT WAS HARRIET’s FAULT’. niiiiiice.

And just a reminder to all the G.O.P fans out there, who are spinning and saying, ‘But they did it toooooo!’, replace the names of Bush, Rove, and Gonzales, with Clinton, Stephanopoulis, and Reno and see how the story reads then.

My other favorite part of the story is how the Great Decider is playing the ‘buck stops here’ card so well:

I get complaints all the time from members of Congress on a variety of subjects,” he explained, before telling how he had passed on senators’ concerns to Gonzales. “But I never brought up a specific case nor gave him specific instructions,” he insisted.

So…first it was Harriet’s fault and now, ‘I”m just the messenger’???
sheeesh. I will have to say that the ‘blame Harriet’ bit is a lot of fun, and I do so hope that her name will pop up when other crises or other plans go awry.

Harrrr-iet, Harrr-iet….


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One response to “So I nominated an axe murderer to the Supreme Court, and even though THAT didn’t work out, it’s still fun to blame her for everything

  1. This post is groovy with your beatnik Harry-ette (I really liked that movie) but this whole Gonzales crap of the blame game is tedious.
    I can’t help but wonder if he’s gone. You never know with this administration.

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