America voted, and America you…

are listening to Wow..not only keeping the negatively talented Sanjaya on the show*, but also keeping him out of the bottom three. This has gotta be giving the show fits, because they don’t need to be perceived as a joke. Every week Sanjaya stays on, the punchline gets a little closer.

This wouldn’t bother me one iota except that the extremely talented Ms. Doolittle deserves to win. Actually, I think we already know she’s the best. The idea of Simon, et al, backing Sanjaya to a faux hilt is actually pretty amusing, pending the ‘votetheworst’ plan continuing to un-hatch.

It’s possible the votetheworst coattails are extending to Haley, but on the other hand, the show a lotta skin strategy might have it’s more positive rewards.

I listened to Sanjaya ‘doing’ the Kinks again on YouTube…it’s worse than I heard live. If either Ray or Dave Davies decide to bludgeon Sanyaya with a guitar, accoustic or electric, no jury in the land with any degree of hearing would vote to convict. I”m thinking a desperation move on the show’s part might be to sneak in and shave the guy’s head when he’s sleeping. On the other hand, Delilah had better taste…

*uh, the stupid show is American Idol. I could pretend that I”m way too cool for this show, but the truth is, the show is like sleeping pills to the hopelessly sleep starved. I’m somewhat addicted. And, Nashville’s own, Melinda Doolittle is actually very very good.



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6 responses to “America voted, and America you…

  1. She is actually better than good.
    If I have to ever see Sanjaya sing again, I will seriously cry in public.

  2. Sanjaya is going in one of two directions: The William Hung of the ’07 season, or he is going to become a super rich Disney Channel tweeny bopper star. I don’t think he will fade back into anonymity very soon.

    Melinda is the next American Idol…

  3. Cak

    dude…sups man?

  4. Cak

    i love william Hung! he was like awesome! ( in a funny way) i mean sanja or wateva his name is is like funny and like peepz should just like make fun of him. it wont make american idol less famouse it would make more peepz to watch to see wat thihs guy is all about. i mean seriously people!

  5. BOB

    SAnja you can not sing you talk in your songs please you my ears bleed your mohawk was the uglyest thig in the wold Ihate you so stop sing sanja.

    from BOB


  6. BOB

    Are you a pig you sing like one my dog sings better than you .

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