Learning to read, or, A VERY special cattle call..

This morning when I was perusing your and my Tennessean, I was reading the restaurant column and I came across a story about a new franchise heading into East Nashville called Hamburger Mary’s.   I thought I read they were serving gay-friendly hamburgers, and I must admit, my curiosity and general lack of knowledge about cattle farming let me to think that I had missed a whole new development in cattle husbandry.    I realize I”m not totally up on gay cultural evolution, but I began to imagine a straight-burger backlash, with Red Meat for Red Staters burger emporiums springing up in right-thinking neighborhoods everywhere, and then I realized (ok, I read the story again after that special second cup of coffee) that the restaurant  (Hamburger Mary’s) has a gay-friendly vibe.   The burgers themselves, I suppose, are neutral.



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2 responses to “Learning to read, or, A VERY special cattle call..

  1. I’m trying to figure out a way to insert a Brokeback Mountain joke here (you know…cattle ranching and all…), but I’m spent.

  2. That’s funny. It was at Hamburger Mary’s in San Jose years ago that a friend of mine ordered a veggie burger and the kitchen “upgraded” him by adding bacon to it.

    But it was a good place, and I’m glad to hear they’re coming here. Their sauteed mushrooms are awesome.

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