What rocks!!*..I’ll take 32-24 at the half..

Vandy came into tonight’s game with Georgetown mighty as a lion, and though their roar subsided, they didn’t leave the first half like a lamb.

I get way too nervous watching the big games that Vandy plays.  I guess the cumulative rooting of 45 years helps make this matter more than it probably should, but I just don’t care.  You know..I just don’t care that I care too much.

I didn’t have Vandy winning this game on my bracket.  I picked with my head.  My heart is beginning to believe that ‘we’ have a chance to win this game.  Yeah we have an 8 point lead at the half, but believe me that 8 point lead can evaporate like support for Mitt Romney if Big Fred makes the announcement.

Georgetown’s nickname, if you didn’t know, is the Hoyas, which roughly translates in Latin to ‘WHAT!.  Georgetown back in the day had a baseball with the nickname of ‘stonewall’.  Some quirky Latin nerd scholar exclaimed ‘hoya saxa’  (what rocks!)after a particularly stalwart defensive play, and at least part of the name stuck.  Oddly, the ‘WHAT’ part stayed and the rock part rolled away…go figure.

Yikes..back to the nervous second half.


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