Where in Nashville – Part III

I posted this one before as well, before I realized I could re-size pics in WordPress (d’oh!). Previous winners (Ceeelcee and my son, Josh, who despite innuendo from certain circles did not win the contest based on nepotism) may guess the location but are not eligible to win until July 1, 2007 when the new state fiscal year begins.

not on a hill

As always, the first person to identify the house by either giving me a street name or submitting their own pic of the house will win a complete full-course meal from Mothership bbq, courtesy of ME.

The only hint for this one: the house IS in Davidson County.

Update:: ok, a better hint – This house is 4.25 driving miles from the Germantown Cafe at 5th and Madison. 



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4 responses to “Where in Nashville – Part III

  1. my, how very judicial of you…way to give us ‘non-relatives’ a chance
    I’m kidding, I have no idea where this house is, but I WISH I did. And not because I want to win or anything, but because I love old creepy houses. I mean, who the heck doesn’t? And what’s WITH that statue in the front? Did you photoshop that in?

  2. absolutely no photoshopping done..I don’t have the software or the skills, frankly. I did emphasize the statue on purpose because I thought it really was more interesting than the house…the interest of the house is in the context of its surroundings…whoops, kind of a clue!

  3. It looks like the house from that old Karen Black movie “Burnt Offerings.”

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