Rocking the joy in Ashland City, or, I’m seeing a lot less of Slartibartfast these days..

Friends, let me testify. Those scales that Slarti keeps showing on his blog are accurate. The man is disappearing before our very blog-eyes. He really is nearly at fighting weight. If his thick hair keeps growing it may soon outweigh his torso!

We saw ‘his’ band last night. Little group of about 73 people (uh, actually there were nine, but they sound BIG). The band is called ‘X-Alt‘, which is a pretty clever despite the fact that maybe one of the ‘kids’ in the band is from Generation X (not that everyone else on stage is dino-saur-ish!) and they really don’t play alternative music, but what they do is exalt, with some Memphis-style horns, a couple of keyboards, some stinging guitar, and a ton of good vocalists.

This is the third time I’ve heard these guys. I’m not a big Christian music kinda guy. I grew up in an era where a lot of schlock was passed off as music and labelled Christian or praise, and it was somehow OK, because of the ‘brand’. I know the industry has grown up quite a bit since those days (yeah, probably a lot more than I’ve grown up), but my prejudice still is woven neatly into my sleeve.

These guys play great music. If the music blows, the message suffers. I know the message is really the true medium for X-Alt, but they know better than me, if the songs aren’t popping, the ‘go ye into all the world’ bit isn’t going to make it out of the driveway.

Our diminishing buddy Slarti got more vocals last night than the previous times I’ve heard the band. Slarti’s voice has a little more grit and growl than anybody else up there. He’s the one that can do the upbeat Stax-rumble and make it work along with those punctuating horns behind him. He especially shines on his own tune, ‘Piggyback Ride’ (uh, Slarti, your passion is showing).

My wife pointed out to me last night that the reason the song ‘Oh Happy Days’ works so well for these guys is that they don’t play it dirge-speed. They actually SOUND happy. Yeah, they do a lot of standards from the 60s, either leaving them alone lyrically to convey the message: Lean on Me, He ain’t Heavy, Put a Little Love in Your Heart*, or twisting the lyrics a bit to make sure we know WHERE the love’s coming from, e.g. Slarti’s take on the Sam and Dave ‘Soothe Me‘. The soothing here is heart-ward, and a little more to the ‘north’ than perhaps the original.

I don’t want to denigrate or neglect the rest of the band, especially the vocals. They truly have more lead singers on one stage than Van Halen and The Band put together. But, I”ve just gotta say that last night, Katy Seale was ON. She sings right on the edge of Americana, blues and torch just enough to make you realize you’d drive all the way to Ashland City for her featured songs alone. Throw in the amazing harmonies, the tight horns, the stinging guitar, and an occasional poignant flute, and you have good times, even if you doubt the Source of their inspiration.

And, oh yeah, Slarti threw in a little go-go dancing last night that almost cleaned out my nasal passages with espresso. Somewhere, someone needs to get that on ‘YouTube’.

*my one piece of advice is to drop ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart’ and pick up another Memphis style song like some Dusty Springfield or the Isaac Haye’s chestnut: “If something is wrong with my baby…”. Too many good vocal chops in that band to not serve up some more grit.



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8 responses to “Rocking the joy in Ashland City, or, I’m seeing a lot less of Slartibartfast these days..

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s great to feel ALMOST as if I were there.

  2. Susie

    Thanks so much for coming-it really makes our passion feel worthwhile when we have people come that really “gets” us…

  3. It’s on my list of things to do.
    He’ll be over here soon, I’m hearing.

  4. John, I’m glad y’all enjoyed the show. We really love these reports; usually we’re too tied up in what’s going on onstage to know how the overall package is out front. Plus, we normally sing and play as a ministry; it’s rare that we get a chance to “perform”. It’s always fun. All of us (except for Katy and Randy, the Sax player) have left that world behind, and it lets us relive a little of the glory days.

    I’m also glad to know your wife got home safely.

    I’m a little over halfway there on the weight loss – my goal is to get to about your frame. 🙂

    Newscoma, we’ll be in Portland TWICE in May: the Relay For Life concert on the 12th, and the Strawberry festival on the 19th.

    And of course, Tater Day is April 2 in Benton Kentucky, if anybody wants to skip work on a Monday. 😉

  5. So glad you all had a good time out, was good to talk to you for a minute that night too. Hey, I tried to call you yesterday (Monday) afternoon but your voice mailbox was full, apparently. If I don’t chat with you before I leave for L.A., will when I get back Thursday…

  6. Maybe Lynnster can come down for the Strawberry Festival. Heck, maybe everyone came come up. It’s actually a lovely little small town festival that is really charming.
    Of course, you see people dressed up as giant strawberries, but I digress.

  7. Wow, I haven’t been to the Strawberry Festival since 1985, I think. That’d be fun if several came down (or even if it’s just you and your crew). It’s what, the first or second weekend in May, isn’t it?

  8. Oops, just read up, the 19th. Duly noted.

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