I used to hate being sick because..

well, number 1…being sick is not a whole lot of fun, especially when you are really really sick and having to spend time in the hospital.

Another obvious reason is that one is not feeling good enough to enjoy any good thing that may be passing you in the street of life, and then there’s the work thing.  I love my job.  When I go back there after missing a day or two (i’m up to two days now), it feels overwhelming…everyone is in the middle of some project or meeting that i should supposedly be up on, but now it just feels like one of those dreams where things keep happening and you just can’t ‘get there’.

On top of all this, is the blog thing.  The blog world revolves a couple of times around, and you miss a cycle or two, and whatinttheworld is everyone talking about.  I’d like to stay upright and read about it, but the world is starting to spin again and the stomach is making fun of my up-right-ness again.    I just hope I didn’t pass this on to anyone I can into contact with over the last 48 hours………later.



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18 responses to “I used to hate being sick because..

  1. Feel better quickly, Hutch, my friend!

  2. I hope you feel better too. I’m taking the day off from the Headache from Hell.
    Oh, yeah, and the puking from the Headache from hell.

  3. Ew, hope you feel better soon.

    The blog world will be here waiting when you’re better; I can almost guarantee you won’t miss much. 😉

  4. Scout

    Get well soon, Hutch!!

  5. Holy crap! I hope you feel better really soon!

  6. Oh, man.

    I sure do hope you feel better soon. I hate to think you might have the same funk that beset the town last week.

    Hang in there.

  7. You should’ve come to the New Orleans quarantine with me. I didn’s miss any Vandy games. I just watched them in cooler bars…

    Get that stomach back to feeling healthy. We’ve got a date for BBQ after Easter!

  8. Hope you get feeling better soon, man.

  9. Hang in there, dude. I’m sorry you’re sick. Maybe this will be the last day.

  10. Sorry you’re not feeling well! Hope you’re feeling better very soon!

  11. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear you’re under the weather, dear. No wonder I couldn’t get a hold of you yesterday afternoon. No worries, we’ll talk after I get back later in the week. You take care of yourself and get to feeling better SOON.

  12. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Hutch! I guess we could all stop posting until you’re up to snuff again …

  13. You think YOU feel bad, I was hoping you’d spring for lunch today.

  14. Sorry you’re sick. 😦

  15. BarbieMePlease

    As twisted as it sounds, there was a time when I used to like being sick because I would lose weight while I was sick. Then I got so sick and weak that I almost died and it kinda took the shine off of that diet plan.

    SO…hope you’re feeling better SOON.

  16. Well..a couple of times in the past two years I’ve had to go to the hospital for these stomach issues, and it got kinda serious, so anytime I start having severe stomach pains, the fun disappears and the worrying begins. This time, it appears to be just something going around, and passing on thru….

  17. thanks to one and all for your kind words. I’m moving my health status indicator up from Chicken Crap to Chicken Almost-Nugget

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