Exciting Neighborhood News

Leaders of Historic Germantown have decided to merge with Salemtown and give up the ‘Germantown’ name. Mitt Sweeney, cultural vice-president for the association, spoke for the group:

‘We really don’t have any more Germans around here, and quite frankly, being named for a western European country isn’t that attractive in 2007’

The neighborhood formerly known as Germantown will take on the name of its neighbor to the north: Salemtown.

Sweeney noted:

‘The name Salemtown has more of an historical flavor, and besides, we were hoping for more duplexes to be built in the area. Salemtown brings duplexes and the long awaited laundry-mat into the equation’.

The fate of ‘Oktoberfest’ is in doubt. South Salemtown leaders are leaning towards some type of pretend ‘witch hunt’ in honor of the original Salem.

Look for a name change at the neighborhood landmark, Germantown Cafe.

More details as they appear. Hey Enclave…Salem’s Lots scooped ya on this one!


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  1. We’d like to buy you a cigar! You got us and you got us good!

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