24 question, or The ‘Powers’ that be…

Why in hades would the then Presidential candidate David Palmer select Noah Daniels (Powers Boothe) as his Vice-Presidential candidate?  Based on what we know about Palmer (at least before tonight’s rather surprising ending), he would not be all that attracted to the super-hawkish Daniels.

I do wish we had a little back-story on this.  Maybe it was kind of a Kennedy-Johnson ticket, with two men who couldn’t stand each other, but were both needed to balance the ticket.  On the other hand, if you know your Powers Boothe roles, the man is now typically cast as kind of a sleazy bad dude.   Why could the ethically upright Palmer select such a blackguard?

So far, both of the Veeps that have been featured have been back-stabbing jerks.  Is it a fatal flaw of the Palmer family that they go blind when it comes to choosing their running mates?



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2 responses to “24 question, or The ‘Powers’ that be…

  1. Better question…how the hell did Palmer get elected in the first place? You can’t tell me he got the Presidency solely on his brother’s name alone. From what I understand, Palmer didn’t hold any elected position prior to becoming President.

    I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, but so far I’ve been kind of disappointed in the season as of yet. I think they are a bit too preachy and over the top with their Idealistic Liberal Doogooder vs. Realistic Evil Neocon battles.

    Strangely, I actually find politics inserted into shows to be a little annoying. Granted, this show has its reasons for it, but I used to be a somewhat fan of The Dead Zone, but towards the last season, almost every episode had some preachy message behind it. That was all well and good when I was 5 and watching Captain Planet, but not it just gets rather annoying. I guess part of the reason is that they boil the issues down into just talking point versions of the arguments, with not real substance, and only surface points made.

    But back to the original point of the post, the diverging views of Presidents and Vice-Presidents; this is why I think calls of bi-partisan tickets are extremely shortsighted. It simply doesn’t make sense to have a Vice President who is openly opposed to your policies, because it encourages assassination attempts.

  2. Better question still–why risk life and health to remove Daniels only to follow through on his plan to nuke “country that will not be named-istan”. I just don’t get the logic of it…

    I can accept that some things must happen on the show and twists are going to come..but this one made no good sense at all. Unless we’re supposed to believe Wayne is now a power-mad guy…or that his brain is rewired from all the trauma.

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