One brief shining moment, or, walking the walk..

If you watch the NCAA men’s championship game each year on CBS, you know that they feature highlights of the tournament at the end of the broadcast, with the Luther Vandross song ‘One Shining Moment’ playing under the hoop-lights. Vandy got a lot of face-time in this year’s revue, including the heart-breaking game-winning shot by Georgetown to send the Commodores home. The only good news about this cruel reminder is that Green (the guy who hit the winning shot) is shown to have clearly walked, just like ‘we’ knew he did. Of course I’m totally over the loss*..

You-tube won’t let me embed this…watch the last 15 seconds to see the double pivot walk….THANKS ya blind bastid refs.

*If totally over the loss can be defined as shrinking the bitterness to merely heart-size.



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2 responses to “One brief shining moment, or, walking the walk..

  1. I loved Stallings’ response the next day.

    “I’ve been kicking myself wondering what we could of done differently on defense the last possession. then I thought, Hell, we got him to travel.”

    Good attitude.

  2. Remember: to embed a YouTube video, be sure to put the brackets around that url and add “youtube=” before it:

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