As a staunch Vandy fan, it pains me to say this..

But, congratulations are in order for Tennessee’s Lady Vols and Coach Pat Summitt.   Recruiting Ms. Candace Parker may be one of the most brilliant moves of your coaching career!

If I’m Arkansas, I stop licking my wounds at the reneging of the Creighton coach and offer Coach Summitt millions of dollars to coach my team.  There is no reason in the world why she couldn’t coach men just as well as women..the locker room dynamics might be a bit different, but a good coach is a good coach is a good coach.



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4 responses to “As a staunch Vandy fan, it pains me to say this..

  1. SQ and I had this conversation watching the win last night.
    I think Summitt should coach a men’s team. I think it would break down a lot of barriers.
    SQ is more of the opinion it might be a distraction for the team as a whole.
    We have agreed to disagree on this one.

  2. Uhm, I don’t know about Coach Summitt coaching a men’s team. It may not work for the same reason good and great college coaches fail when they coach a pro team; the inability to adjust when faced with a group of people with different needs and desires.

    As Parker said, the championship game was with the Lady Heels, not Rutgers, however, the win was Summitt winning in the new era of women’s college hoops. In the past, with few teams committed to women’s basketball and few great players, power was centralized. Now there’s more parity, and you aren’t going to see UT/UConn/Texas/Some ACC school annually in the final four. She had a little less talent this year than she normally had, meaning she didn’t have a potential All American at every position.

    I may post about the women’s final four later. A few things about ESPN’s coverage bothered me, like the UT love fest and coverage of Parker’s relationship with Sheldon Williams (I don’t recall a student athlete’s relationship ever being a topic in the men’s tourney).

  3. Mark – why is it that men ‘can’ coach women, but women can’t coach men?

    I agree that the era of a U.T./UCONN long-term dynasty is over, which makes Summitt’s feat that much more impressive. There really is parity in women’s b’ball.

    I suspect that many women coaches would fail if attempting the men’s game for the reason you suggested (just like the Lon Krugers and Pitanos of this world didn’t work when they moved to the pro game), but occasionally there are exceptions. I know that Summitt isn’t really interested in crossing the line, but I think she might be the exception.

  4. Can men coach women? Gino and Van Chancellor (and Anson Dorrance ;>) seem to be the only real success stories. I know some male coaches in the WNBA started there with an eye on moving into the men’s game. I wonder if that’s the same for men in the NCAA?

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