Stand up, Democrats*, stand up on this war

(do you support) Setting a time-table for withdrawing all U.S. troops from Iraq no later than the fall of 2008 60% yes 38% no

Gallup Poll on March 28, 2007.

The war continues to be framed by the Administration, the neo-cons and all the pro-war bloggists as ‘stay and protect the Iraqi and ultimately the American way of life’ or ‘leave and all is lost’.

The American public is not buying this line, but somehow, the administration and its shills and supporters have managed to set the terms of debate. Kind of like when the anti-abortion folks chose ‘pro-life’ as their appellation. Who’s against life, anyway?

But, what about the surge? Let’s take 10,000 policemen and put them in the area of Los Angeles where the ‘Crips’ and the ‘Blood’ hold sway. Put the cops on the corners, in the markets, on regular patrol, in the schools in EVERY corridor, in the churches, in the clubs, in the parks, in so many places that you can’t fail to almost trip over them. I’m guessing that the little old lady afraid to go the market previously will suddenly feel confident that she can make it safely now. The moms scared to let their kids play in the front yard will gladly open their door and let the kids romp wherever they want.

Then, take the cops away. What happens? I suspect things go back to normal. This may be a rough analogy, I realize, but I suspect that our troops are doing a great job, overall, ‘surging’. But, isn’t the ultimate goal to have a safe Iraq, a democratic Iraq, an Iraq that runs its own patrols, polices its own citizenry and defends itself?

Is there ANY evidence that the Iraqi army after all these years is combat ready beyond a handful of battalions? Is there any evidence that the military and police force is not infiltrated with militia members ready to fight for their particular Sunni/Shia cause at the drop of a headscarf? Can anyone tell you how we negotiate with both sides of a civil war?

All the staged strolls through the marketplace can’t mask the fact that after the cameras are off and after the troops move to another market that the civil war underlies and undercuts all of our good intentions.

It’s way past time for accountability. Accountability might not be in the form of a public timetable, but should be in writ large in the form of benchmarks: number of combat ready Iraqi-only battalions, a government that doesn’t tolerate the militias, an Iraqi police force that can handle the streets. Any other plan dooms the United States to permanent residence in Baghdad. Is that really what we want?

If the Democrats don’t set the terms of accountability they have turned a deaf ear to the folks that elected them to the majority in 2006.   If Bush vetoes the ‘timetable bill’,  strip the pork from the bill and pass it again.  Ensure that the Kurdish area of Iraq is protected (no-fly zone like BEFORE THE WAR), and don’t blink.

Oh, by the way, do you know what happened in the market a day or so after McCain staged his walk for 60 Minutes?

*And all you good Republicans who have either always opposed this war or have come around.



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11 responses to “Stand up, Democrats*, stand up on this war

  1. thesouthtoday

    The neocons have all ready destroyed Iraq and now they are concentrating on dragging us into the destruction of Iran on behalf of mucking Israel.

    The neocons have provoked Iran into creating a Borse and trading oil in Euros. Our economy is based upon the petro dollar.

    Please explain how Hillary or any of the others are any different than those who are in the White House. 60% of democrat’s campaign money comes from Jews. Getting us out of Iraq is only the tip of the iceberg and democrats are not our salvation. they could have cut off funds and forced troop withdrawal but as you know they didn’t.

    Rahm Emanuel is the democrat who chooses party nominees and he is an Israeli who is now a kingmaker in the United States government. You figure it out.

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  3. Thesouthtoday,
    Your antisemitism is blatant as is your out and out lies.
    Jews are one to two percent percent of the American population, and yet you claim 60 percent of the funds to democratic candidates comes from Jews.
    Mathematically, that is impossible.
    Politically, it’s irrational.
    Your last paragraph is so delusional that I won’t even address it.

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  5. Sharon – amen to your comments. I thought about deleting his/her comment, but then again…maybe people need to see this nonsense.

    Weird to have a bedfellow on the war that takes this angle.

  6. It’s not mathematically impossible for 1-2% of the population to contribute 60% of funds to candidates.

    I don’t agree with his assertion, but it’s clearly not mathematically impossible.

    To ignore Israel’s influence on our Foreign policy, though, is to play ostrich with the obvious. There is alot of political and financial pressure there. I don’t blame them, but there are two sides to this story.

  7. Mack,
    It is mathematically impossible because of campaign contribution laws. No one or no group can compromise 60 percent of donations to a Presidential campaign.
    If every Jew in America gave the maximum amount each person can give, it wouldn’t add up to 4 percent of total donations to the democratic candidates.

    Yes, if there were no laws, technically it would be possible for someone or some group to give 60 percent, but that is not the case in America today.

  8. Good point, I stand corrected.

  9. wasnt she married to a communist

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