Fred Thompson post of the day..

The Fred ‘gasm’ furor may be slowing down a bit, while we all wait for our plain-speaking-commonsensical Hamlet to make up his mind, but the reaction to Fred and the Dobson proclamation continue to make for fun reading.

This post, by Harding University professor Mark Elrod isn’t exactly brand new (10 days old is six months in blog years), but I wanted to publicize Professor Elrod’s ‘Thompson challenge’ here in Music City, the buckle on the Bible belt.

After Thompson’s ‘church of Christ-ness’ was averred by a Thompson spokesperson, the good professor blogly gauntlet-ed:

The “I Saw Fred Thompson at a Church of Christ” Challenge

The winner will be immortalized in Elrod’s wonderful blog (Mark Elrod’s Lame-O Weblog).

Acceptable sightings include:

* Fred Thompson teaching a Bible class
* Fred Thompson presiding at the Lord’s Table
* Fred Thompson leading singing (if it was 728b and you can prove it, I’ll give you $100)
* Fred Thompson driving the JOY bus
* Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thompson (above) serving as greeters
* Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thompson preparing a nice chicken casserole for a Sunday pot-luck

The idea of Thompson driving the Joy Bus was enough to make me snort coffee. Just as funny are some of the comments made to the post, including one classic ‘Can the Law and Order boink boink theme sound be sung a capella’? Another commenter appears to be donut-knowledgeable Tiffany of Tiff Sniff offering a Donut Den sighting as a possibility.

good times…



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3 responses to “Fred Thompson post of the day..

  1. I think the Donut Den should count. We have, make that David has, seen him there. Apparently years ago when we lived in Green Hills and frequented the DD (before I even knew Tiffany) he was leaving the establishment as we were coming in one Saturday morning. David saw him, I had no clue, which is not surprising. A patron told us after we sat down that the newspaper on our table was the one he had been reading.

  2. ME

    Thanks for pointing our the fact that the post on my blog was not meant to be taken seriously.

    Somehow, the WND has morphed my post into a $100 bet that characterizes me as a right-wing, intolerant fundamentalist (who gambles).

    Nothing could be further from the truth. And as a Harding employee, I certainly don’t have $100 to spare on something as shallow as where or if someone is attending church on Sundays.

    I have eaten a bear claw at the the Donut Den in Nashville on more than one occasion. It a religious experience.

  3. Pat Timmons

    The next prez enjoyed the blueberry muffins at Fox’s Donut Den many times before he became so busy. I’ve seen him licking his lips after eating his favorite muffin there(blueberry). I haven’t seen him there in awhile, tho since he spends so time in LaLa Land and other out-of-town places.

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