Maybe this makes me a sub-human, but I’m going to miss Imus

When you’re an aging (I’d love to say middle-age, but I’m not really counting on making it to 108 years of age), you have your routines.  One of my routines in the AM besides coffee and newspaper reading and blogging for the last six or seven years has been watching Imus.   I’m cranky when I get up.  My normal lack of patience is intensified.  I am NOT a morning person.  I avoid conversation.   Imus suits my mood completely (or I guess, SUITED my mood).   He’s a curmudgeon, a 9 year-old, a music appreciator, book-loving, politically indescribable take-no-bullshit artist.    He’s friends with Joe Lieberman, Harold Ford, Kinky Friedman, Mike Lupica, Mary Matalin and Bebe Netanyahu.  Try to tie that string of friends together.

Imus can be obsessive, but he did more to bring attention to the medical plight of veterans than all the media, right or left, combined.  He pushed the ‘kids with autism’ act and literally gives millions of his own money away to ensure that kids with sickle cell and cancer can have experiences on a working ranch that nobody could believe possible.   He also says insulting things just about any group, political party, politician or country you can name.

Does any of that justify calling the Rutger’s women’s basketball team a stupid racially-charged ‘dozens’ phrase?  Of course not…but, if we all get exorcised and demonized and tossed aside because of stupid thoughtless remarks, then there’s going to be quite a pile of wasted lives.  Should he have apologized first to the Rutger’s women?  Absolutely.    Should he have been suspended for some period of time and placed on some kind of probation?  Sure.

Am I cheesed that my morning routine has been incontrovertibly altered?  hell ya.   I’ll miss the stupid banter and Charles losing his mind at Imus self-absorbed narcissism.   It’s a song and dance that still works.  I know the steps, but they still make me smile.    I understand why a lot of folks here at the blog-a-teria wanted him fired, but I also understand that every radio and every TV has a means to change the channel or turn the stupid thing to the off position.

I hope the Rutger’s women can forgive the I-man.   His actions did speak louder than his words….



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4 responses to “Maybe this makes me a sub-human, but I’m going to miss Imus

  1. you’re right, we do have those sacred morning routines [very OCD] but I’m sure if you move around the dial [that dates me] you’ll find something that fits the bill.

  2. I’m really torn on this; private companies have the right to hire/fire whomever they will, for whatever reason, but at the same time, in America you should have the right to say something stupid, especially if telling your opinion is your job.

    But I’ll be honest. Imus never did anything for me. If I wanted to hear a crotchety old man spouting off cynically about politics, I’d just call my dad.

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  4. Dan

    We will miss IMUS too….until he gets a new show going. He and his show gave me a reason to get up at 4:30 and get ready for a new work day. The events of the past week, as promoted by the thought and speach police, have done more to hurt America than anything I’ve seen in many years. Much more of this politically correct trend and America will no longer be worth fighting for. It may be too late already.

    And everyone….please leave the rappers alone. Haven’t you done enough ! If you don’t like it, change the dial and move on with your life.

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