My post is gone, but JL Kirk is still a bully

I HAD a post with a LOT of links to bloggers who have written in support of Kat Coble/Tim Coble with their battle royale with JL Kirk and Associates. Kirk is a headhunter company whose head should be handed back on a platter. If bloggers ranging from Instapundit to Aunt B have anything to do with it, JL Kirk is going to be vewwy vewwy sorry.

Krumm kills me with this post…way to go Bob!

I had found 60 blogs and counting when my post ‘disappeared’…

Apparently, if a WordPress blogger adds to many links the post becomes ‘private’ and no one else can see it!

Update: See original post HERE. Thanks, Leslie! The links are all there!

Update2: Paul Chenoweth comes on strong

Update3: Original post sans links: just got home from work and I was signing into my blog so that I could nominate Kat Coble as one of ‘Thinking Blogger Awards‘ deal because she always makes me think, when I ran into a firestorm.

My friend Kat and her husband visited one of those ‘headhunter’ executive job search places (J.L. Kirk) back in February.. It was not a happy experience. Kat ably conveyed her frustration at the pressure tactics deployed by the firm along with incredulity that they were asked to pay more than $4,000 freaking dollars UP FRONT. The more common practise is for the company that hires the job seeker to pay the fees to the headhunter.

Someone from JL Kirk posted a comment on Kat’s blog defending Kirk and its practices. Kat posts the response on her blog as a post. Soon afterwards, the it-shay hit the an-fay. Via high falutin’ powerful attorneys, Kat is being asked* to pull remove all posts referring to JL Kirk.

One incredibly ironic item here is that one of the posts (see above) WAS WRITTEN BY JL KIRK. Kat posted the response in its entirety without ANY editing.. Kat certainly didn’t have to extend JL Kirk the courtesy of publishing their rejoinder.

The bullying did not go un-noticed. Bloggers far and wide picked up the trail. Glen Reynolds (Instapundit) linked to the story, thus ensuring that thousands upon thousands of folks now know about JL Kirk. Nice going!

Kat is a reasonable and thoughtful person. If she chooses to take down the posts to avoid the hassle, more power…it’s her blog. And there are some awfully powerful names on those cease and desist letters. If she wants to keep the posts up, she already knows that hundreds, if not thousands of people are going to support her and further propagate the true story of how one headhunter firm handles its unhappy customers. And, I’m just taking a wild guess here, I’m guessing that there may be one or two or one hundred unhappy customers who may have a chance to re-kindle their own ire.



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6 responses to “My post is gone, but JL Kirk is still a bully

  1. This is what WP told me when I tried to get to that other post:

    “Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.

    You are totally in the wrong place.

    Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.

    Instead, hit that “back” button on your browser, and get it right next time, eh?”

    That just cracks me up!

  2. Lesley

    Well, well, well…LiveJournal to the rescue! You can find the post here:

    It’ll take some work, but you can piece it back together. All the links work as far as I can tell. 🙂

  3. John, can you cut and past your private post to either a new post or new page. Then you can see if it will reload or is it gone even from you?

  4. Last night when I was composing my Thinking Blog Award post, it wouldn’t publish for me. I ended up losing almost the entire post, and ended up having to rewrite most of it.

    (Cussing ensued)

    Last night was a weird night in WordPress World.

  5. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally save it as a draft (which would make it private) rather than republishing it?

    I’ll check your account later and see what’s up, have to run out to the car ins. place for a bit this afternoon.

  6. Yup that’s what it was, it had somehow gotten saved (which automatically sets it to private) rather than republished.

    You can always do one of two things when that happens, either republish it manually or set the “post status” when you’re in the post editor to “published” instead of “private”.

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