My name is John, and yes, I’m a twitter-crit…

Back in the early days of Twitter (roughly a week and 1/2 half ago), I checked out the Twit-world and I laughed. I chuckled. I made fun, publicly. Then I got some response from folks that understand far more about technology than I’d understand in two lifetimes. People like Kate’O, Jaxn, Lynnster and Paul Chenoweth. They all admitted it was a maturing technology (boy, those internet ‘kids’ grow up fast!), but they seemed to be fascinated by the possibilities.

So, wanting to be at semi-one with the techies, I took the twitter-plunge. I cracked wise, I update my location, and I started stalking following some of my friends and acquaintances. I discovered Twittervision and TwitterMaps (two GREAT mash-ups)…people twittering ALL over the world!

More importantly, I discovered what always happens when people figure out how to use a new technology: COMMUNITY. It’s not an elite fraternity. You join up, you follow (or lead) and you get to play ball.

I’m trying to convince the daughter in Peru to join up. She has limited time on the computer and could manage to convey a lot of news snippets quickly to a lot of folks. I watch Jaxn update his family on his frequent travels.

So yeah, I laughed, and still make fun of ‘Driving to Starbucks for java’ and ‘now i’m folding laundry’, but when you weave all the threads together, you do get some pretty nice tapestry. Oh by the way, ‘I LOVE the Sopranos’ and ‘I just had some de-caff. Just shoot me now’. I’m Twitter-hooked!



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5 responses to “My name is John, and yes, I’m a twitter-crit…

  1. My name is ‘Coma and I’m also a Twittercrit.

  2. I confess, too, that I am also a Twittercrit…

  3. vive42

    nope, sorry, i still think twitter is badly stupid.

  4. So, I should give it a spin? I may do so.

  5. Chez Bez,
    It’s sort of weird, odd groovy.
    Yeah, I’m addicted.
    For me it’s sort of neat being I don’t live in Nashville but can “communicate” with my buddies like John and Ginger.
    Don’t know about the lifespan of this thing (it is the innertubes which sometimes create things like this that have the life of a gnat) but it’s pretty cool thus far.
    And I made huge fun of it.

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