Not that I really care anymore, but Sanjaya

is OUTTA HERE.   The silliness, or at least this chapter of the silliness, is done.

I’m thinking that if Jimmy Sturr asked Melinda to sing lead, she could pull it off.  Amazing.



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7 responses to “Not that I really care anymore, but Sanjaya

  1. Yeah, I think after last night you’re right…pretty lame.

  2. i think sanjaya will make it through. bottom three: timberlake wanna-be with the nasally voice (name???), lakisha, and sanjaya. going home: timberlake wanna-be.

  3. Chris deserves to go, but he will stay..actually, Lakisha may go, but I’m sticking with San-man.

  4. Why is Lakisha in the bottom three? I hope she isn’t going home. 19 more minutes…

  5. Sanjaya…outta here!!!

  6. Okay, I am glad Sanjaya was the one to go, but dang, that was hard to watch him cry and then have to sing. I don’t think they should have to make the person voted off sing.

    That was painful.

    The ladies are my favorite of the people left.

  7. They should really end the show now and crown Melinda, with Jordin and Blake as runners-up. Lakisha is fading fast.

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