Meanwhile, not in Virginia

Jackson wrote a provocative post yesterday that ties the two recent headlines together:

The more important question to me is why does the country not have the same ‘stop what you are doing and fly the flag at half mast’ sort of reaction when 33 people are senselessly murdered in Iraq. If you ask me, that is the real racism in today’s world.

The shooting in Virginia was jarring because things that extreme just aren’t supposed to happen here. We’ve come to expect daily body counts from Iraq because many of us have become numb..numb to the effects of a ruinous intervention..numb to the effects of a civil war in which we don’t belong even though ‘we’re’ trying to do something right,

The news-channels are doing their best grief pimping and will somehow manage to grind this story into numbing pixilation. When daily body counts become fodder for the news-monster, and death becomes as mundane as the pablum that passes for intelligence on sit-com TV, we still get temporaily¬† jarred when violence explodes in the wrong place. But, it won’t take long for Virginia Tech to be just another item on the crawl at the bottom of the screen. Apparently, death in Iraq is already that trivial.

Grieving relatives retrieved bodies from hospital morgues Thursday, and passers-by gawked at the giant crater left by a market bomb in one of four attacks that killed 183 people on the bloodiest day since the U.S. troop increase began nine weeks ago.


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