Great white father speaks – ‘Sunni and Shiite unite!’

One of the many reasons our incursion into Iraq was wrong: arrogance and lack of understanding of history. Iraq was cobbled together by the English. Iraq is not an ‘organic’ country filled with people steeped in Iraqi pride.

The neo-con dream of parades and millions of people yearning for democracy was just that: a dream. And now we’re getting impatient. Not just those against the war, but the leader of the Department of Defense:

Making his third visit in four months to Iraq, Defense Secretary Robert Gates took a decidedly stronger tone as he warned the troubled nation’s leaders that American patience is wearing thin.

On his unannounced trip, the Pentagon chief said Iraq’s leaders have to move faster to bring together the warring factions.

Does this administration understand irony? Is this like the town in the movie ‘Roxanne’ where the Steve Martin character tells a new-comer to eschew irony, because they just don’t get it here?

The Sunni-Shiite rivalry dates back almost 1400 years, to Islam’s earliest decades. After the prophet Muhammad died, the group that became the Shiites backed his son-in-law, Ali, as his rightful heir. Shiite means partisan, as in partisans of Ali. Ali and his sons died in a series of battles lost to the caliph.

The President refuses to sign a bill that contains a timetable. We, the people, who clearly voted against this war in the 2006 election deserve to know how progress is being made and what plans the President has to keep this war from going on another five years. Are there realistic benchmarks? Does the Iraqi army have more than a handful of battalions who can ‘stand up’? Can we honestly say that the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police force are not riddled with militia whose allegiance is not to Iraq, but to their tribe?

Here’s another word the Bush crowd might not ‘get’: hubris


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One response to “Great white father speaks – ‘Sunni and Shiite unite!’

  1. Malia

    David and watched a documentary on PBS not long ago about our US military trying to train and unify an Iraqi army. It was very enlightening. At one point, “we” had trained an Iraqi army and then took them out to deal with an insurgent situation in a nearby town. I think they said over half the batallion refused to attack. They knew they would be encountering “their own” in the that town.

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