Finally…time for baseball

It’s been a long, sad, depressing week. I thanked God for Friday, despite the Preds going one and out again.. It’s time for my personal anodyne: baseball. One of my baseball friends and I are off to Florida today. I’m bagging two new baseball stadiums over the next few days, AND I get to see the beloved Yankees in Tampa Bay next week. I”m hoping they will have shaken off the horrors of their loss last night to the more devil-ish than the Devil Rays, the Bah-stan Red Sux Sox.

We’re meeting another friend this evening in Miami. If all goes well, I’ll return to Nashville having visited 33 major league baseball stadiums. With apologies to Johnny Cash….

I’ve been to Montreal, Bawstan, Shea and Yankee in New Yawk, Old Philadelphia Stadium, Old and New Baltimore, Old and New Cleveland, New Pittsburgh, Old Detroit, Toronto, Old Comisky, New Comisky, Wrigley, Old and New Cincinnati, Old Milwaukee (the stadium not the beer), Old and New Atlanta, Old St. Louis, Kansas City, Old and New Houston, Old and New Texas Rangers, Old San Diego, Angels Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, Giants Stadium, and Seattle. Baseball has been, very very good to me.

Best ballpark food by a mile: Seattle. Capitalism at it’s best….every vendor spot up for bid, as opposed one bid for all….result, remarkable and varied food options, as opposed to say, Shea Stadium where the brats taste like the hamburgers.

Best ballpark view: San Francisco…downtown, bridges, harbor

Worst: Shea Stadium in Queens. They could’ve given you Manhattan. Instead they chose auto-body-repair city. It can’t get any uglier.

I’ll miss my wife and many of you. I’ll get over a lot of that missing when the plane lands this afternoon in south Florida…whoohoooooooooooo



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10 responses to “Finally…time for baseball

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  2. I am jealous as I too am a big baseball fan. Let’s try a little less hating of my beloved Sox, bro! lol I forgot how much I had been missing the old pasttime until the Yanks/Soz game last night. I hope you get some pics of your parks as I have only been to one major league stadium in my life…of course it was Fenway but only about half a dozen times.

  3. say hello to Tampa for me!

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  5. In 1992, I was visiting Toronto and was at SkyDome in the morning. My flight home to Baltimore was that afternoon. I arrived home just before dinner time and my uncle called and said he had Orioles tickets he couldn’t use that night. I wound up going to the game. I was at two different ballparks in two different countries on the same day.

  6. LeBlanc, don’t worry, I hate Hutchmo’s Yankees far more than he hates your Red Sox. πŸ™‚

    Hutchmo: This is a fabulous quest you are on. I only have old St. Louis, new Atlanta, L.A. and Toronto, but visiting them all is on my list of things to do before I die.

  7. No, wait! I forgot I’ve been to Wrigley Field. How on earth I forgot that, I have no idea.

  8. What’s up with Fenway Park not even getting an honorable mention for best ball park? I bet you’d have great things to say about its old-world charm if the Yankees played there. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you have a great trip.

  9. I’m so jealous of your journey, even if it is in pursuit of trailing along after the Yanks.
    You might want to check your carry-on luggage and see if there is an extra pitcher you could let the Boss and Torre borrow. They seem to be needing an extra arm after the last four games.
    As for parks, I’ve been to old Comisky, old St. Louis and new Atlanta. I’ve been pleading with Newscoma to make a trip to new St. Louis, but no luck yet.
    Enjoy your trip and return home safely.

  10. Unfortunately, the Padres were out of town a few years ago when I was in San Diego (Petco), booohoo, or I would have had one more on my list.

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