Still Life with Fighting Monkeys

We visited the Ringling Museum yesterday morning.  You might expect circus memorabilia or mummified goats with three heads.  You would be wrong.  The Italianate mansion houses hundreds of masterpieces of the 16th and 17th century.  Definitely worth a visit.  While strolling thru the 17th Belgium century room, I came across the painting I’m now using as my header:  Still Life with Fighting Monkeys.  I’m only sorry I can’t crop the pic to include ALL the monkeys.

Right in the middle of a room full of serious still life studies comes the fighting monkeys.  Frans Snyders, you rocked.



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4 responses to “Still Life with Fighting Monkeys

  1. I LOVE the Ringling Museum. Man, you are hitting some major cool stuff down there. Are you driving? You should head up to St. Augustine and tour Fort Matanzas and see the fountain of youth….ahhh, good stuff.

  2. That is awesome! I love to think of someone sitting down to their eisel or sketchbook and thinking, “Hmm…I could really rock a picture or psycho monkeys fighting over a basket of fruit. I should get to work on that.”

  3. Fighting monkeys.
    Man, you are living the life.
    But I have to ask if you missed a part of the gallery in the Ringling Museum because there had to a room filled with paint-by-number sad clowns.

  4. This is still life April 24th? May Day, May Day, May Day, it’s the 1st of May today…

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