Patty Griffin OWNS the Ryman

patty-g.gifFlaming red…I know how much most people hate it when somebody has a new religious experience at a concert that you didn’t attend or some intense experience that apparently transformed how life is seen and they JUST HAVE to write about it, but let me just say, if you have a chance to see Patty Griffin perform anywhere, but especially at the Ryman, for the love of all that is good, go see her.

I did..last night, with Lynn and friends along. Patty came out in the black dress and the flaming red high heels to match her hair. She swung, sung, torched, and strummed into the heart of every last soul in attendance. Until Patty, I’ve never been to a pop/rock concert where the audience is in complete silence during the performance. Both times I’ve seen Patty at the Ryman the audience is as reverent as the 37205 crowd at the Schermerhorn. Her music deserves no less.

Her band was outstanding. Last night featured a surprise guest – Ian McLagan, long-time accompianist to Rod Stewart and the Stones. I’m sure set lists can be found elsewhere, but my favorite parts were the pure strong vocals on Nobody’s Crying, her wonderful re-working of ‘You Send Me’ into ‘Oh Heavenly Day’, and anytime when the spirit moved Patty to just rock on the flying, feet stomping transcendence.

Oh yeah, buy her latest CD (Children Running Through). I promise you will not regret the money spent.



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3 responses to “Patty Griffin OWNS the Ryman

  1. svanhoesen

    Oh, I am so very, very jealous. I think I would have just cried listening to her perform those songs. Her melodies truly grip the soul,….you are so damn lucky to have been able to have gone.
    Maybe next time:)

  2. Lynnette and Jamie went on Tuesday and said it was fabulous.

  3. i went on tuesday and can attest to the fabulousness. thanks for sharing the wed. night version.

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