Republican candidates war talk…

Even though I firmly believe that war, our soldiers dying, being wounded and maimed, and the unspeakable terror daily inhabiting the lives of those Iraqis who can’t afford to leave, is not just a campaign issue, a fruit to be plucked by the Democratic party on the road to the White House, I do have to say, that if the G.O.P. candidates continue to support this war, there will be a Democrat sitting behind the big desk in the Oval Office in 2009.

Yeah, the candidates last night mostly admitted that the war had been mismanaged, even terribly so, but they all agreed that we should continue whatever it is we are doing over there.   Kind of like saying the Titanic was a beautifully designed ship well on it’s journey before an unfortunate incident with an iceberg.   Except this time, it will be Republican candidates singing, ‘Nearer my constituents to thee’ after the election.



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3 responses to “Republican candidates war talk…

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  2. Jon

    Well, as AC pointed out, they didn’t *all* agree. I’ve got my issues with Ron Paul, but I’ll give him props for having consistently waved the anti-intervention flag on this from day one.

  3. I should have added – all the SERIOUS candidates. Mr. Paul is interesting, but has as much chance being elected President as I do of playing CF for the Yankees.

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