Which side are we supporting, again?

In all the great decider talk about vetoing the war funding bill that contains timetables, we don’t seem to be hearing any talk about how we are actually going to end this debacle.

A year or so ago, we heard that the number of Iraqi battalions who could ‘stand up’ on their own were increasing.  Can’t say we’ve heard too much about that lately.   The truth is that the Iraqi army is riddled with men who are serving two masters: Iraqi army and their Sunni/Shiite militia.   Iraqi military have been reprimanded for cracking down too hard on Shiite militia.  The Sunni faction of the government are threatening to depart.  The militias who were terrorizing Baghdad have moved their terror to other towns to avoid the ‘surge’.

In the American civil war, one could make an argument that outside interlopers supported the ‘Union’ troops were supporting the legitimate government of the United States.  Please tell me which side in Iraq is the ‘legitimate’ side.

Democrats need to strip the pork out of the funding bill and negotiate fiercely for benchmarks to end this insane war.  The people have spoken and we want a conclusion.  We did topple Saddam..we did help install a Parliament.

Those of us who want the U.S. to end their role have been categorized as cut and runners.  The truth is, staying is only going to elongate an already protracted conflict between the Sunni and the Shia.  It’s been going on for over 1,000 years.   Which side are we on, again?



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2 responses to “Which side are we supporting, again?

  1. We are on whichever side controls the oil, silly.

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