$afety Fir$t in the Bush administration, or, shake shake shake, shake Baroody

Would it be too freaking much to ask the Bush administration to actually appoint people who actually believe in the mission of the agency to which they are appointed? Or say, had some damn EXPERIENCE working for the cause to which the agency is theoretically devoted?

Take the case of Michael Baroody, Bush’s appointment to head the Product Safety Commission. This appointment equals the appointing of an Arabian stallion horse show judge to head FEMA. Do the folks who conjure up these appointments have no shame?

If you don’t believe that government will work, appoint people to positions in government who share your belief, and your every wish will come true.

So, what’s the big deal about Baroody? Well, he was the vice-president of the National Association of Manufacturers. Manufacturers do get to band together and lobby, just like the docs and the teamsters, but when you’re the vice-president of the lobbying concern and you’ve:

1) fought to allow higher levels of arsenic into drinking water

2) fought to totally immunize manufacturers from the legal liability of being resposible for their actions

3) Lobbied to keep corporate documents about product safety from the public, or should I say, lack of product safety

4) Lobbied to eliminate citizen’s ability to sue for asbestos exposure

5) Lobbied against cigarette manufacturers being forced to produce cigarettes that would burn out when not being smoked

6) Lobbied against manufacturers from having to produce documentation of how much lead they’ve been producing

-should you be the FIRST CHOICE to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

No problem if you’re the head of the NAM. Kinda makes sense I guess. But to appoint THIS GUY to the head of Consumer Product Safety…puhleeeezzzze. C’mon George. You can do better than that. Are you throwing in the towel? How about appointing someone who actually BELIEVES in product safety? I guess that doesn’t make much sense in the Bizarro World inhabited by the ‘Great Decider’ and his merry band of war profiteers.

Ask your Senator to stop this one. We don’t need another ‘heckuva job’. Stop Baroody!



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4 responses to “$afety Fir$t in the Bush administration, or, shake shake shake, shake Baroody

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  2. Ha! At least this guy has actually worked in the field of product safety. So that’s a step up…err, maybe not – well, at least with product safety, it’s not like disaster management – I mean no one can die right? errr…

  3. You, my dear, are absolutely brilliant.
    I’d fight a man who ever said otherwise. Seriously.
    (Love the headline.)

  4. Wow. That’s some resume. Has this guy been handing out crack to children too? You know, just the other day I was thinking I need more arsenic in my water. What the hell is wrong with people?

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