Where in Nashville? (now with MORE clues)

I’ve posted this picture three times already, and so far no one come up with a location. So, I’m adding CLUES!house not on a hll2b

This house is on the same side of the river as ‘The Family Wash’. This house is 5.1 DRIVING miles from St. Joseph’s.

If you can show me a picture of the house you’ve taken, or enter the correct street in the comment field, and you are the first to do so, you win the fabulous prize. Prize, as always, is a COMPLETE meal at ‘Mothership BBQ‘*

*Please, Jim, keep the ‘ship open…



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7 responses to “Where in Nashville? (now with MORE clues)

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  2. That’s not Riverwood is it? (I honestly have no idea. Just guessing.) Notice that it’s made out of the same stuff that those two, old buildings next to mine are.

  3. Sorry, Sista. Not Riverwood..

  4. Susan

    That beautiful house is down the street from me – 808 McCarn Street, in beautiful East Nashville. I recognize the cherubs!

  5. We have a WINNUH! Susan, you win 1 complete Mothership meal paid for totally by me.

    I go there every Saturday around noon. I’d be happy to buy you lunch then, or make arrangements otherwise, if you are interested in collecting your prize.

    If you just want to bask in the glory of the win, I understand, but I enjoy paying off the winner of these competitions.

    email me at hutchmo@aol.com if you are interested, or comment below.


  6. Ah, I’m too late. I totally knew that one. OK, well not really (seeing as how I have never even been to Nashville), but I do hope for more of these soon…just to see the pictures.

  7. Lisa

    Hi John. I came across the McCarn house photo in an attempt to find some information about the house. I grew up two blocks from there and I used to pass the house on my ten-speed bike and wonder about its history. Do you happen to know the background of 808 McCarn?

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