Happy Day – Mother, or not

We have three ‘kids’. I say kids because to me they will eternally remain my ‘children’ despite the fact that none of them live at home and are all well into their 20’s. I don’t write about my sons much because they live here in town and I want to protect their privacy. Since our daughter lives in Peru, whatthehell…what is she gonna do to me from down there?

So I do want to write about her, but first I want to tell ya – Don’t use the AMSOUTH ATM on Charlotte at night. My oldest son got held up there while, sadly, withdrawing money. He lost his $200. They caught the robbers, but the police are still holding his money as evidence. This seems weird to me…couldn’t they give him another two hundred, and then everyone is happy (except for the robbers who we hope will be pondering the road to happiness from a jail cell)?.

Anyway, I read this on my daughter’s blog. I should say first that she is in the Peace Corps in Peru and claims to have NO desire to be married. We’ll see.

Last month we had an all girl´s leadership/environmental camp. . This camp was so awesome because the girls got to see that women are valuable on their own, not by how they are useful to men, beauty, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. They participated in discussions and were encouraged to share their opinions. It was so great and needed in this really, really machista culture. When I got home my girls that I brought to camp told me that they wanted to start a girl´s leadership group, and I am so pumped. I am going to give them complete ownership. They want to raise money to go on trips, and they want to teach what they have learned to the community. It is so completely empowering to see it, and it makes me see living in a machista culture in a new light, because instead of accepting it, I see it as my job to challenge it, and try to encourage the girls to feel worth in their own being, instead of how well they marry or if they even marry at all.

So in the spirit of my daughter, who teaches me so much, Happy Day to all you women out there. If you have kids, then God bless ya. If you don’t have kids, God bless you too. I suspect that many women think that EVERYDAY is men’s day, lol.



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4 responses to “Happy Day – Mother, or not

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  2. That is so beautiful to read. What your daughter knows and teaches is exactly what I want my daughter to grow up knowing. Her self-worth is not dependent on some man’s opinion of her.

    On behalf of all parents who love their little girls, big thanks to your daughter.

  3. Yeah, Hutch. Your daughter is awesome. Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

  4. Good for Erin…leaving her mark on the ‘really, really machista culture.’ That sort of stuff will carry on long after her Peace Corp stint is up.

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