First the good news…

Congress, in 2004 established a ‘Civil Liberties Panel’ to ensure that the new Homeland Securities measures could not be used to “unduely infringe on our civil liberties“.  Considering that the FBI has already abused the privilege repeatedly, one should be thankful that such a panel exists.

Think (or thank) again, nimrod.  The Civil Liberties Panel is staffed by WHITE HOUSE AIDES.    Geeze..I feel safer by the minute.  The old ‘saw’ here would be to say that the fox is guarding the hen-house.  I like mine better: The Three Stooges need to be regulated.  Moe names Curly and Larry as chief investigative officers.  Zaniness ensues.



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3 responses to “First the good news…

  1. Ya know, things would be a whole lot easier if we just abolished the legislative and judicial branches of the government and let the President do whatever he wants. 😉

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