In the clearing stands the boxer, a singer by her trade, or, Doolittle channels Tina

I enjoy watching American Idol for the same reason I USED to enjoy boxing. One on’re out there alone, fighting/singing for your life.   Yeah, they have handlers – stylists, cut-men, coaches, corner-men, etc, but when the game is on, they stand alone to face their opponent.

Of course boxing has almost completely collapsed under the weight of corruption and greed by promoters, along with the balkanization of the weight classes and the myriad ‘belt’s in each division.   There was a whimper the other night when Oscar De La Hoya fought Floyd looked like an old-time boxing match, it featured relatively well-known boxers and it was enjoyable to watch*, but in the end, big-time boxing is as moribund as Mike Tyson’s brain.

So, what do we have left –, but fixed.  Ultimate Fighting – maybe for the Gen-X crowd, but too brutal for me.  I have to make do with American Idol.  Not because I really like the music (at least most of it), but because I love raw competition.

Last night, Melinda took on Whitney Houston and Tina Turner.  Not many people can do both of those with so much aplomb and strength and restraint.  Melinda knocked it out.   She may not win the entire show, but she remains the only Idol contender that would cause me to actually spend money on her CD.

Jordin was good, and at times great, but she doesn’t hold up next to Ms. Doolittle.  Jordin may win anyway, because she looks better and is a slightly better stage performer, but in the end, winning a round here or there doesn’t mean you win the fight.

Mr. Blake, he’s dead.

*I watched the replay on HBO..didn’t spring for the 60 bucks.  My favorite moment was in between the rounds when Mayweather’s brother (his corner-man) leaned in with a bit of technical advice: “Just, whup his ass, Floyd”.



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4 responses to “In the clearing stands the boxer, a singer by her trade, or, Doolittle channels Tina

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  2. Margaret

    She was amazing as usual, even managing to recover from forgetting the words to “I’m A Woman.” Like you, I’ve never before been remotely inclined to buy an American Idol’s CD, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing what she comes out with. Just out of curiosity, I checked the low note on that Whitney Houston song by plunking around on my piano – it was an E below middle C! There aren’t many altos who can sing that well that low, and none I know who can turn around and nail those high notes. By the way, I missed the start of her hometown segment. Where is Melinda Dolittle Way – Brentwood or Nashville?

  3. Melinda Dolittle Way is on the Belmont campus, I do believe.

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