A brief note about the new header…

There are no extant pictures of the immediate fam where all five people are looking at the camera. Apparently, we are easily distracted. My oldest son (to my right, your left) always looks at the camera, because he’s an engineer and it makes sense to look at the camera. The event that germinated this pic is my daughter’s graduation from college. By the time this picture was snapped, she was used to actually looking at the camera (we may have taken a few* pictures by this time.

You probably can’t tell, but I am looking at the camera. I’m not trying to be cool..the sun was really bothering my eyes, so much in fact that my eyes kept watering ( my daughter’s graduation didn’t effect me emotionally at all**). My younger son is probably looking at some girl who randomly wandered nearby. God knows what my wife is looking at, but it’s probably just as well she isn’t looking at the photographer..if she had, her eyes would be shut.

I’m feeling good about the 60% success rate of camera-looking. That’s a higher than normal rate for our family.

For what it’s worth, thats as dressed up as my family ever gets, and finally, I love my wife’s hair. I think the silver is beautiful.

*if few can be described relatively compared to some of the other parents who filmed the entire day and took thousands of pics..


**i shed tears for the finale of the Gilmore Girls, so you can probably guess what I was doing when the daughter was graduating.



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6 responses to “A brief note about the new header…

  1. Great shot. You are the proud Papa, indeed.

  2. Malia

    You have a beautiful family!!!

  3. I think with some of you looking away, it gives a “cool” feel to the pic…sorta like an album cover.

  4. Love the pic. You have a lovely family!

    Do your sons date bloggers?

  5. I never had you peged as a Gilmore watcher. My wife “forced” me to watch all 7 seasons and oddly my allergies started acting up Tuesday while the show was ending.

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