If we’re gonna start the damn Presidential ads now, then I’ve gotta ask why, oh, why, or, I’m John and I approve this blog post, DUH!

I was watching David Gregory in the time-slot formerly alloted for the ‘late’ Don Imus, lamenting that Gregory is not nearly as acerbic as the I-Man, when I heard Mitt Romney talking about how much he loved veto-ing spending bills. I realized quickly that Mitt was not a guest on the show, but instead, I was watching a freaking 2008 Presidential campaign commercial. IT’S MAY 2007. It’s like when Walgreens starts selling halloween candy in June…sheesh.

Anyway, Mitt talked over the entire commercial. Every word was Mitt’s. No voice-over. Just Mitt. Then at the end of the commercial, Mitt intoned: “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message”. I would HOPE you would approve the crap campaign information you just said. Are we at such a cynical point in time, that we actually expect folks to confirm that they weren’t lying within seconds after they opened their mouth (ok, maybe that’s a bad question)? Seriously, do I have to approve what I just said…it’s not like, ‘uh, honey, sorry I had to work late, and oh by the way I would approve this message, but I was actually canoodling with that cute receptionist’.

If there is a voice-over, and the candidate barely appears in the commercial and it goes something like:

You never know where my opponent might show up. One minute in a Gay Pride Parade in the Castro district of San Francisco, or the next minute on Frontline with Chris Hanson. My opponent is all over the map. He once had lunch with Michael Moore AND Anne Coulter!

Cue to picture of young boy…

Hey _______, call me!

If the candidate approved THAT message, then we’d have something. Of course, in truth, the candidate would be quoted that he wasn’t responsible for the message, and that he couldn’t do anything about the message and really wishes his supporters wouldn’t put out such a message and that he would do everything possible to prevent the message from ever airing again, and then spend as much time trying to stop the re-airing as O.J. is spending looking for ‘the real killers’.

I’m John and I really don’t approve of 2008 election commercials appearing in spring 2007, but I really don’t think I should add a tag-line that I approved of the blog-post I just wrote. Some things should be obvious!



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3 responses to “If we’re gonna start the damn Presidential ads now, then I’ve gotta ask why, oh, why, or, I’m John and I approve this blog post, DUH!

  1. This presidential election is becoming a serial drama. It’s bullsh*t.
    Going out to buy a Christmas tree this afternoon, just ’cause I want to be ready.

  2. [Covers ears]


    Can’t HEAR you!

  3. Sell your soul to the Devil, become a baby kissing Politician!

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