Ophelia, you’re breaking my head, you’re shaking our confidence daily

Recently, in what is now a well-known episode, State Senator Ophelia Ford goes into goofy-land in a speech to representatives of the Department of Children’s Services. The issue at hand was regarding a DCS investigation and had NOTHING to do with death certificates.

If you havn’t seen Senator Ophelia Ford’s 19th nervous breakdown, go HERE

According to a Sharon Cobb post, Senator Ford says she hasn’t been feeling well but that there was nothing strange about her statements at Monday’s Department of Children’s Services hearing.

Here’s my advice, and it comes at some sacrifice*. Use some of that state surplus money each of you Senators are to receive, and hire yourself a psychologically certified ‘normal’ human with an enlightened sense of ‘strange’. Equip the ‘strange’ monitor with some sort of buzzer system. Every-time you go into bizarre-land, your monitor will quickly assess the situation and will press a button which will transmit a small shock somewhere on your person. Each subsequent shock will be slightly juicier until you either become incapacitated or totally cured via the miracle of shock therapy.

Seriously, if you don’t think this behavior is strange, you have reached new levels of ‘Ford-esque’ mal-behavior, and believe me, the bar was already set pretty high by the man you replaced in office.

*I was really hoping you ‘guys’ could use some of that surplus for a meager raise for us state employees.



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3 responses to “Ophelia, you’re breaking my head, you’re shaking our confidence daily

  1. She was in a bar getting soup. Or at least that’s what I heard on Memphis News last night.
    Was it wrong to chortle over that line?
    P.S. If I’m in a bar, I’m usually not getting soup.

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