Don’t want to be meal-y mouthed here, 5 places I like to eat..

I”m IT! Couldn’t get away from the Newscoma tag*. Name five places you like to eat at your location.

Man, I love to find places to eat around town, so five is too low of a number..I’ll try to keep it down (the number, not my food).

1. Alleycats – best enchiladas in N’ville. Great patio. Funky vibe.

2. Mothership BBQ – of course this is on my list. I know the owner. I know lots of the clientele, but truth is, if the pulled pork wasn’t all that good, all the love in the world wouldn’t influence me to drive into the heart of Berry Hill. I eat LOTS of BBQ. This is the best pulled pork in Nashville.

3. Nola’s – love those chavitas sandwiches. Alexia, the chef, is passionate about her food, and enjoys chatting with the diners.

4. Samurai Sushi – sushi Nirvana. Funky hole-in-the-wall on Elliston Place make sushi magic. The Choo Choo Roll is a work of art.

5. Peter’s Sushi – out in B’wood, but worth the drive. In the expert opinions of my wife and I (we eat a LOT of sushi), Peter has caught up with Mr. Choo at Samurai Sushi, almost.

6. Greek Touch – in the arcade. You will not eat better spanokopita in the area unless you’re married to Chris Clark or Demetria K. Bill and Linda are entertaining behind the counter. Great souvlaki also.

7. Cafe Marche’ – best brunch in Nashville at prices a non-rich person can afford. Plus the place is damn good. Even their oatmeal rocks, and I’m not kidding. Best omelets around.

I’m tagging Busymom (I wanna hear where she eats around work) and Suburban Turmoil (the best rivalry in soccer mommy-hood, ever). This is part of my ‘secret’ strategy to have top-notch bloggers stoop to my level.

*There is a big long list of where this tag comes from on Newscoma’s link above. But, it is Sunday and I’m toooo lazy to type all those links.



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12 responses to “Don’t want to be meal-y mouthed here, 5 places I like to eat..

  1. Pssst… in WordPress, all you have to do is copy the links from ‘Coma’s blog and paste them into your text box in Write…

  2. I’m sort of dying to go to Marche. I’ve never been to Greek Touch, but David was a huge fan when he worked downtown.

  3. wow instead of 5 places there are 7 yummy places!!! Mothership BBQ sounds very good and tempting…and 2 sushi places??? now I’m seriusly starting to drool..Cafe Marche and brunch sounds good to me!!

    Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

  4. amazingly… we have our own alleycats in malaysia. they are a famous local band.

    Mothership BBQ sounds heavenly. I love BBQ stuff. While samurai sushi sounds funny. Hehehe… reminds me a lot about samurai jack 😀

    Thanks for your great list. Much appriciate 😀

  5. I think we’ve determined you dig food. That’s why you were tagged 🙂

  6. It’s so cute the way you think I get to, how do you say it? “Go out to eat”?

    Anyway, I’ll get on it.

  7. Two sushi places? Sorry, but sushi is yuck! Knock those off and your list will be down to five.

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