The strawberry capital of the world is WHERE?, or, Strawberry wields forever..

When I was a kid growing up in Nashville there were certain certifiable truths that we took for granted. Being a ‘member of the church’ (if you are, you know what I’m talking about) gave you a shot at heaven (sadly those other churches were rife with false doctrine and quasi-Satanic teachings (i.e. Catholics). I began to see through some of that when I reached my teens, but one certainty I would stand upon (as firm as the rock of Gibraltar) was that Portland, Tennessee was the ABSOLUTE strawberry capital of the world.

It was a think think Portland. In my college years I drove down to Memphis to see the Stones. A sign on the highway almost caused me to doubt my very existence: Humboldt Tennessee: Strawberry Capital of the World!. Say what??? I knew those flat-lander West Tennessee types were backwards, but I thought they at least knew the verities of life, including the REAL strawberry capital of the world.

Now, thanks to Google, I’ve discovered an even scarier truth (almost like finding out there are people you know in those Santa Claus suits): Plant City, Florida is ‘Strawberry Capital of the World’…wait a minute: Oxnard, California is ‘Strawberry Capital of the World’…no, no..Ponchatoula, Louisiana is the freaking ‘Strawberry Capital of the World’.

So now, in a world over-ridden with moral relativism and confusion, I would like some certainty. I want to know the truth. Let’s have a ‘berry-off”. Let’s bury the contenders, and crown the champs. I want to know that at least one of those facts I learned as a child holds up, doubtlessly and surely (at least as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar).



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22 responses to “The strawberry capital of the world is WHERE?, or, Strawberry wields forever..

  1. I though Slarti meant the Humboldt one.
    Man, am I ever in trouble, cause “I WAS GOING.”
    Couldn’t make it to Portland.
    All these Strawberry fests get me confused. Going to lie down now.

  2. I’m with Newscoma. This Portland festival is an upstart to me….I used to march in the Strawberry Festival parade in Humboldt, carrying the banner at the head of our marching band. Woo hoo. Now you know even more embarrassing things about me.

  3. Please, dear God, are there any pictures, Laura?

  4. W.K.W.

    All you need do is to come down to Plant City in late February and enjoy the Strawberry Festival (700,000 +/- guests in 10 days….awesome entertainers every year). We are actually the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World”. Ya’ll come!

  5. The fertile Oxnard Plain in southern California is the Strawberry Capital of the World. When I was a boy I could look beyond my little league baseball home run fence and see strawberry fields stretching to the horizon. The last time I visited Oxnard (in 2006) I was pleased to see fields in all directions.

    • Demijohn Cantar

      Not so fast, in Pontchatoula, we also have a strawberry festival and a strawberry parade, the strawberries here are the best in the world, they’re not the biggest strawberries, but size doesn’t matter the taste (which they are the best at) is the only thing that matters

  6. LJ

    I live in Oxnard. We have a strawberry festival every year too. lol @ Scott Kelley… I played for the pony leagues, surrounded by strawberry fields.
    Oxnard grows more strawberries than anywhere else on earth, but with all of the recent home development, I don’t think we’ll hold that title for long.

  7. Jason

    Don’t overlook Watsonville, CA–no matter how tempting. There’s no festival (excepting the Burrito Bash) but the Pajaro Valley produces some gorgeous strawberries and they go for miles.

  8. Kat

    Definitely California

    Some of the biggest, most sweet strawberries you’ll ever find.

  9. Ken

    I’m with the Watsonville crowd. Big, plump, sweet, delicious berries. Mmmm… …it must be that gentle breeze coming in off of the Monterey Bay (& Pacific Ocean) that makes them so sweet.

  10. Reyna

    Oxnard, Ca is STRAWBERRY CAPITAL of the WORLD.

  11. Lili

    Watsonville may not have a HUGE festival but we do have the GREATEST strawberries! đŸ™‚

  12. Jake

    I grew up in Plant City, FL which I know is the WINTER Strawberry capital of the World, but I do believe we have the largest Strawberry Festival in the world. It’s bigger than the Florida State Fair and hosts the biggest names in Country Music (gag me) every year. I think we have the biggest Strawberry Shortcakes anywhere too, just Google Parksdale Farms. I’ve lived in Belleville, MI too and they also have a Strawberry Festival although, I don’t believe they have any particular claim to fame when it comes to strawberries, I think they just like to eat them.

    • Julie Edwards

      Jake, I grew up in Plant City, Florida as well. The strawberries are so sweet and delicious. I miss the Strawberry Festival and the BEST strawberry shortcake around from St. Clements church. Now I live in Louisiana and there is a town close by called Pontchatoula, which also has a strawberry festival and the berries are delicious but not as sweet as the ones from Plant City. I actually had my parents bring me a flat from Plant City to compare just in case my memory wasn’t quite was wrong (or in case I was biased). Nope, Plant City has the sweetest strawberries around. Parksdale Farms is one of the best growers in the area. The festival is a lot of fun and well worth the visit. Thanks for your post. I sure am craving some yummy Plant City strawberries now. Julie

  13. Marion Station, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore was for decades the Strawberry Capital of the World. It grew a sweet sumptious strawberry that pleased the most discriminating palate and besides its scintillating deep luscious red color it graced the culinary concoction of locals and the nation alike.
    James Lane, Jr.
    Community Scholar

  14. Prashant

    When I lived in Belleville, MI (1995-1999) they billed themselves as the “Strawberry Capital of the World”. Their claim to fame was the large number of strawberry growers in the area. The number of strawberry growers has dwindled and I don’t see that claim anymore. They still have their annual Strawberry festival but without any claim attached.

  15. Jessica

    Just ate some WATSONVILLE strawberries!!
    When I used to live there I was cornered in by the strawberry fields (and the ocean :D). Watsonville strawberries are definitely the best in California.

  16. Grace

    Catholics ARE NOT quasi-Satanic teachings THEY ARE THE TRUTH!!

  17. All my life I have been told and seen a thousand signs that claim Starke, Fla. is the strawberry capital of the world. I’ve even seen signs about starke strawberries in other states. The krogers here in Little Rock sells them.

    • Julia

      While I understand exactly how you feel. I would like to say I am from Plant City, Florida. I was never told that we were the strawberry capital of the world. We were always told Plant City, Florida is The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. I now live near Pontchatoula, Louisiana and was floored when I saw they were the strawberry capital of the world. I disagree of course. After all Plant City has their Strawberry Festival and it’s 11 days long. Pontchatoula has a strawberry festival but it’s only one weekend. I think that disproves that they are the strawberry capital. Good luck in your endeavor to prove once and for all. Keep us posted.

  18. Christy wisley

    I just saw a sign in Stillwell, OK today stating they are the strawberry capital of the world! There seems to be a conspiracy here! Lol

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