How many Iraqi army battalions are battle ready, again?

Hmmm, haven’t heard much about that lately.  Last time I checked it was either one or none.  The Dems in Congress have bowed to political reality and given up on a timetable for withdrawal.  Instead, some type of benchmarks will be in place (benchmarks based on security, economic progress and political reforms) when the latest spending bill is passed.

Trouble is, the Sunni’s are about to back out of the unity government. They want more power.  More power in this case comes at the expense of the Kurds.  The Kurds are the folks we need to be protecting anyway.

Before the latest Iraqi war, the enforced flyover zone over Kuwait resulted in a near-autonomous Kurdish state.  A safe Kurdish state IS a political and military reality.

Current Iraqi military and police are rife with militia from either the Sunni or Shia side.  Many don’t understand what they are really fighting for…Funny that you don’t hear much about ‘we’ll stand down when they stand up’ rhetoric anymore.

The truth is, the only benchmarks that have been in place were those set up by this administration as to why we went to war and what is happening while we are in Iraq.  Sadly those benchmarks change on a regular basis, but only when the truth destroys the previous benchmark.

The Democrats were elected to challenge the White House and its protean war plan.   Those of us who elected the Dems into power are keeping benchmarks of our own.  Keeping the heat on Bush and his war machine is job one.

How many of those Iraqi battalions are ready, again?


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