America(n Idol) where are you now?, or ‘Say Cheeeese’

I may have been just slightly distracted while kind of watching the American Idol finale last night. After all, ‘my’ Yankees were putting the Red Sox back in their place*, and there may have been some Instant Messaging going on with another AI viewer, but I do want to share some impressions and ask a few questions.

First of all, why is it somehow important for white guys who attempt to rap or ‘beat-box’ with true rappers (rapper of any color who would actually draw an audience of more than 12 if he/she was headlining) to wear their hat sideways. Does anyone over the age of three consider this ‘street’?

Secondly, Doug E. Fresh does not come close to living up to his last name. Was Fab 5 Freddy busy last night?

Tony Bennett is still amazing. I’m thinking he will probably sing at his own funeral.

What did the Beatles do to American Idol to deserve THAT kind of treatment? I’ve seen less cheese at a road-side store in Wisconsin. As a member of the Beatles generation, I’m looking for some other folks my age to file some kind of class-action suit. I don’t want the children of today to think THAT is what the Beatles sounded like.

Is Steven Tyler dying? There has to be some kind of explanation as to why Joe Perry would appear on AI, especially playing guitar for Sanjaya’s lame version of the Kinks. When the Kinks sang ‘You really got me’, they were talking about the sexual charge of a certain young woman. When Sanjaya “sings” it, I think he’s talking about cooties. Sanjaya has all the grit of a young Pat Boone without the voice.

Smokey Robinson will sound good as long as Tony Bennett. ‘Tears of a Clown’ was an appropriate song choice for last night.

Other people came and went…Green Day and Gwen Stefani had the good sense to send in a taped performance.

Two hours of this nonsense was about 90 minutes+ too much. Yeah, I”m glad Jordin won, and even that was almost anti-climatic after all the frommage.

Oh yeah..Jordin had to sing what is going to be the first ‘single’ from this year’s Idol show..I think the song is called ‘Where is my Cow?**”. Appropriate considering all that cheeeeeze.

*I’m fully aware that the Yanks are 9 1/2 games behind the Sox at this point. I have every confidence that the Sox will collect lint during July and August and the Yanks will catch up.

**I may have mis-heard the title. It might be ‘This is my Cow”.



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2 responses to “America(n Idol) where are you now?, or ‘Say Cheeeese’

  1. Dammit. I just spewed coffee over the Stephen Tyler line.
    John, that was wicked funny.

  2. hahahahhhahaaaha!!!!!!!!!!!




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