One thumb partially up, and one thumb way down for the Prez..

Let’s start with the razzzberry.  The federal government has often engaged in what could be called in some circles as creative accounting (shocking, I realize).  Other circles might be in debtor’s prison if they engaged in those practices, but the government is sovereign, so they get to do that kinda stuff.

According to USA Today, today, we, the people, unknowingly absorbed a 1.3 TRILLION dollar loss last year.  Not billion, but TRILLION.  Not the $248 Billion deficit reported by the Bush team.  This is six years into a REPUBLICAN administration.

I’d just like to remind the fiscally responsible Republicans in the viewing area that Bill Clinton (a Democrat), balanced the budget and actually left the incoming Prez with a surplus.  Yeah, he had some help from the GOP in congress, but he was the President and he get’s a lot of the credit.  Just like the one occupying the Oval Office right now.   I thought that THESE were the bizness guys???

Thumbs kinda up for President Bush for his news conference this AM announcing sanctions against Sudan and for some of the folks who do bizness with Sudan.   I understand that the Sudanese government has resisted pressure by not allowing outside peace-keepers into their world of genocide, but it’s past time to make a stand.

Thumbs will go way up for the President if he puts his muscle to work with China’s involvement in the Sudanese crisis.  China imports a lotta oil from Sudan and swaps at least some of that oil for weapons.  Will we have the conjones to point that out publicly?  Will we use the upcoming Olympics in Beijing as a platform to condemn the Chinese for the blood on their hands?

Keep the pressure on Mr. President..keep the pressure on.



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4 responses to “One thumb partially up, and one thumb way down for the Prez..

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  2. It’s literally the least the President could do.
    For 4 years, genocide has taken place on his watch with his knowledge.

    He screams about radical Muslim Arab terrorists.

    Is everyone aware that it is Arab-Muslims who are doing the killing in Darfur? They want to get rid of the black people. Anyhow, Bush is completely disingenuous and his move today is minor.
    They need troops there. Yesterday.

    Bush has had a symbiotic relationship with the Sudanese Government, and that is the main reason he has turned an open eye to them. The Sudanese Government was (is) helping Bush with his war on terror (remember Osama lived in the Sudan) and in exchange, Bush agreed to give nothing more than lip service to the crisis in Darfur.

    Thank God for Mia Farrow and Brian Seidle and a few others who have managed to get the truth out.
    Today China came out in support of the Sudan…again.

    Nothing short but a complete boycott of China, including the games…especially the games in 08, will have an perceivable effect on the Sudanese Government and their backing of the Janjaweed.

  3. excuse the numerous typos, especially in that last paragraph.
    My hands are like sausages today.
    Anyone know of a voice activated typing system that actually works well?

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