That Peggy Noonan article that everyone’s quoting…

Here’s the money part, as far as I’m concerned (and apparently Kat Coble as well):

The beginning of my own sense of separation from the Bush administration came in January 2005, when the president declared that it is now the policy of the United States to eradicate tyranny in the world, and that the survival of American liberty is dependent on the liberty of every other nation. This was at once so utopian and so aggressive that it shocked me. For others the beginning of distance might have been Katrina and the incompetence it revealed, or the depth of the mishandling and misjudgments of Iraq.

What I came in time to believe is that the great shortcoming of this White House, the great thing it is missing, is simple wisdom. Just wisdom–a sense that they did not invent history, that this moment is not all there is, that man has lived a long time and there are things that are true of him, that maturity is not the same thing as cowardice, that personal loyalty is not a good enough reason to put anyone in charge of anything, that the way it works in politics is a friend becomes a loyalist becomes a hack, and actually at this point in history we don’t need hacks.

Most folks have been lifting the quotes regarding immigration and how Bush has sundered his conservative base with his arrogance on the issue. For those of us who have opposed the Iraqi war from the very beginning, this arrogance and lack of wisdom has been apparent from the beginning. He may have ‘stood up’ on 9/11, but it didn’t take long for the arrogance to resurface.

Many folks voted for Bush II thinking that he was the true successor to Reagan, that he, George W. was gonna make up for the weakness of his father. In my opinion, W didn’t come even close to that weakness. His father had the wisdom to at least build a coalition for his war, and to retreat when the mission was truly accomplished.

Someday, the religious right are going to realize they’ve been bamboozled every bit as the old-guard philosophical conservatives. This administration painted themselves as Reaganites, as Christian warriors and as compassionate conservatives. In the ever-spiraling end-game, the paint wears off, revealing the twisted logic of the boy genius, the eternal sneer of Cheney, and a man who might not even be able to define wisdom much less directed by it, standing together in the rubble.

A man who inched into office vowing to eschew the policy of nation building, has finally, at last, lived up to his word.



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11 responses to “That Peggy Noonan article that everyone’s quoting…

  1. gasdocpol

    GW Bush is arrogant and ignorant. That is a very bad combination.

  2. “Someday, the religious right are going to realize they’ve been bamboozled…”

    As an individual who doesn’t consider herself a part of said “right,” but who would be lumped there by society at large because of some views she holds, I’m standing up and clapping at this statement. At the whole thing, really.

  3. gasdocpol

    One by one the Bush supporters are jumping ship. Eventually I see it as degenerating into a game of musical chairs with the ones who stay loyal the longest will not have place too sit down.

    Rumsfeld is gone, so is Libby, Wolfowitz, Feith , Perle. Fukuyama has rejected PNAC.

    Bush White House insiders like O’Neill, Clark and Wilkerson have long since come forward with the truth about what really happened in the Oval Office.

    If is amazing that the hoax has lasted this long.

    Gw Bush was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a serially failing businessmann until the Neocons propped him up as their front despite being inexperienced and uninformed.

    Does that sound like someone who was qualified to be President?

    The GOP surely knew that and endorsed GW Bush anyway.

  4. Good thoughts here, John. For me, it was uttering the words “Axis of Evil” in 2002 that began the distancing from the Bush administration.

    I voted for Bush in 2000 because, 1) at the time, I did not like Gore and 2) I believed the “uniter not a divider” and “compassionate conservative” sound bytes.

    Like you, I opposed the war before it began. I did not want to see the U.S. take on a conflict without more support from the global community.

    I voted for Kerry in 2004. I don’t know that he was a great candidate, but I still would prefer to see him in office today to Bush.

  5. gasdocpol

    The good news is that if Kerry had been elected, the GOP would have blamed him for the mess that GW Bush created and saying that everything would have been just wonderful in Iraq if Bush had been allowed to finish the job.

    Now the GOP will get the tough love that they need and will be thrown out and hopefully clean up their act.

    We need the GOP to keep the Democrats honest but now they need to be punished for giving us GW Bush.

    Anyone who has seen Gore on Leno, Letterman et al knows that he is smart, witty and cool. GW Bush on those same shows looked like Mortimer Snerd.

    By some perverse law of overcompensation, during his campaign Gore came off looking stiff and boring and GW Bush came off looking like anything but like what he would be as President.

  6. John –

    Isn’t it mighty timely for folks like Noonan to abandon W? Folks like her seem to be revising their own pasts in hopes of a future (2008) GOP president.

    All I can say of her editorial is Welcome to the world the rest of us have been living in.

  7. When Guerilla Women, Kat, Six Meat Buffet, Mark Rogers and you all agree on this Peggy Noonon piece, I’d say it’s damn near the 7th sign.

  8. I voted for Bush in 2000


  9. gasdocpol


    Voting for GW Bush was an honest mistake.

    1. GW Bush was marketed very skillfully

    2. Bush is good at jumping through the hoops which are part of campaigning

    3. Gore was badly advised and ran a lame campaign.

    4. Bush is very good at putting a good face on whatever he has done and has a lifetime experience of failing gracefully.

    5. The endorsement by the GOP trumped Bush’s track record of screwing up basically everything he has ever done.The GOP has been horribly irresponsible in endorsing someone they had to have known that Bush was too unbelieveably uninformed, inexperienced and incapable of being president.

    6. In my experience since FDR, is that the respective political parties may not have put up candidates which are the most qualified but candidates were at least capable. In 1980 I could not bring myself to vote for either Carter or Reagan. Since then I have concluded that they were BOTH capable and qualified and have respect for both men.

    7. GW Bush was totally unqualified , having been a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a failed businessman until the Neocons propped him up as their front first in the largely ceremonial post of Texas Governor then through the Neoconservative cabal that actually ran the White house.

    8. You might call me a “Bush hater” but I voted for GHW Bush, his father, in 1988 and i will argue that he was a good president. I think that Jeb is smart and capable but I have a problem with his activity in PNAC.

    9. Neither the left nor the right has a monopoly on the truth or all the answers. We need them both in part to keep each other honest .

    10. For Republicans I like Thompson and Hagel (2 conservatives)

    11. For Dems i like : Gore, Obama, Richardson, Hillary, Biden in that order.

    Have a great day.

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  11. gasdocpol

    It is bad enough when people sat they are conservative or liberal which says “I have already made up my mind. don’t confuse me with details”

    Now they do not even know what Conservative means!

    Was going off half-cocked on the Iraq adventure or running up the budget deficit conservative?

    The GOP could endorse Alfred E. Newman and half the country would vote for him. Come to think of it, they did!

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