Tales of Arcadia..eating lunch at the downtown arcade


Seen today while eating ‘outside’ in the Arcade…

Someone wearing a very tight t-shirt with these words emblazoned in large font:


Sorry, 0 for 2.

Someone wearing a baggy t-shirt with the phrase:

I wanna talk about Meeeeeeee.

There’s a reason you are walking BY YOURSELF.

A woman wearing a full chador, including burka.

Don’t those come in anything besides basic black? I know black is a good color for most folks, but I gotta think that in the summer months one would be sweltering in all black.



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6 responses to “Tales of Arcadia..eating lunch at the downtown arcade

  1. deb

    Thanks for the map…I just printed it and I’m going to laminate it and stick it in my glove box which contains not one single glove, believe it or not.

    Your map is so much better than mine which has the paper fold right in the middle of the important stuff ;~)

  2. LOL, your map makes me want to go walking around in downtown. I have, like, NEVER done that.

  3. I was there on my lunch break going to the P.O. and saw none of those people. I did see a couple lunching who were obviously not high-income nor fashion-conscious (at ALL), but who were so obviously beguiled by each other, they made me smile.

    Perhaps I walked past you as well.

  4. bridgett

    The women wearing chador here are among the most orthodox. In Iran, where black was the only permissible color for chador under Khomeni, there’s now blue, brown, and even some lighter colors. The hijabs have gotten brighter in color and narrower, some no longer covering the whole head. The overjackets are also getting brighter; TV news anchors are wearing greens and pinks and oranges. There’s some blowback, but not as much as you might imagine. Curiously, then, US imams are going to wind up more conservative in interpreting the Q’aranic dress code than the imams in Iran and Turkey.

    It’s sad that we’re thinking of attacking them right as the fundamentalist regime appears to be slowly (very slowly) growing more tolerant. Hmmm…makes you wonder which side we’re on, doesn’t it?

  5. Nicely written! Can I use this article for my blog? I will put a link back ofcourse. Thanks 🙂

  6. i really used to admire you as a film maker but after looking up ur comments on this pagei can only laugh at you

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