Thank you for Nashville Is Talking. Thank you for allowing Brittney to run the most interesting ‘op-ed’ show in town. Thanks for letting us have a voice.

And to Brittney – Thanks for understanding that we have brains and don’t have to be spoon-fed. No one in your position will ever satisfy everybody. If they did, they would be the worst brand of milquetoast.

Nashville is Talking is not supposed to be ‘fair and down the middle’. It’s an op-ed collage. It’s funny, stupid, weird, cute, outrageous, thoughtful, odd, off-putting, addictive and challenging. It’s not perfect, but then again, sadly, neither am I, nor you.

If you want pablum or to only read things you disagree with, go to Fox News, or The Daily Kos. If you want to think, get mad, or laugh, stick around. Grown ups play here.

Update: 1:00 PM – Brittney says no mas.  I totally understand her reasoning, but this news makes me very sad.  Brittney is a big part of why we have a great blogging community here in Nashville.  I wish her nothing but the best.



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16 responses to “Dear WKRN

  1. Much applause, this was beautiful and absolutely perfect. Hear, hear.

  2. What is way too funny is this idea going around that “Libs eat their young.” When young Mr. Kleinheider dares to stray off the prescribed path over on VV, they Freepers come unglued.

    It was cowardly for Jesus General and his minions to attack Brittney, and leave the author of the real offensive article alone.

    Good post, Hutch.

  3. I DISAGREE!!!

    Just kidding.

    Duh, people. Thanks for saying what needed to be said John.

  4. You rock, dude. You rock.

  5. John, this whole thing really makes me sad. She was my adversary. You might even say that she was my enemy. Yet I still loved her. What we have going on here in Nashville right now was pretty much created by her.

    Last night I became really worried about her. That’s why I wrote my post. I just wanted her to know how important she was.

    I totally understand why she is leaving though. I think the negative energy that comes from doing what she had to do everyday was just too much. That doesn’t mean she is weak. It just means she is human. Sometimes I take a few days off from blogging just to get a little peace of mind. She didn’t have that option though. God bless her. I hope she finds peace and happiness in whatever she does.

  6. zimzo

    I guess you were afraid to give any context to what happened because you knew it would make Brittney look bad. Here is what happened: Of all the hundreds of tributes to Steve Gilliard that appeared on the Internet after he died this week, she chose a vile, hateful and racist post to quote extensively and link to. When a number of people objected to this disgusting attack on someone who had just died and whose family was grieving, Brittney did not apologize or disassociate herself in any way. Then she wrote a snarky post making herself out to be some sort of victim, again without apologizing to this man’s family and friends. If it was your son or brother or friend who had been attacked like this I am sure you would be outraged as well. A simple apology or a statement that she did not agree with the sentiments in the post she linked to would have ended the controversy immediately. Instead, she quit and tried to portray herself as a victim, a martyr. The only honest thing she says in this post is that she contributed to hatred in the blogosphere and for her to cry about a situation that she is completely responsible for creating and could have stopped at any time is ridiculous. For you to then slander Steve’s friends and admirers as a “bunch of jerks” when their outrage was completely justifiable makes you almost as bad as she is.

    Here is the disgusting post she linked to. Do you agree with it, too?

  7. Zimzo – I read Smantix piece and didn’t care for it. You don’t give anyone down here credit for understanding much of anything. Those of us who have been involved in this blogging community a long time know about a long-standing problem that Smantix has with NIT and the NIT community. Brittney didn’t have to make some big statement..Smantix work stood on its own.

    Brittney was here long before this flare-up and did a wonderful job building community. For you, and others to jump in without any understanding or context is understandable considering your feelings toward your friend, but your persistence and lack of understanding of our community is also frustrating for us.

    Some of your peers have condemned us for living in the south and for automatically being racist just by geography. Others have labelled Brittney things that she has never been a part of….she didn’t just quit because of this incident..this was the last straw.

    Brittney is my friend and I choose to show my appreciation of her and WKRN for helping us build a community. I didn’t know your friend and I don’t think you are a bunch of jerks. Not sure where that came from.

    Smantix has never been interested in my thoughts on his commentary, and in fact called my friends (and me), trash. I choose not to engage. You have no way of knowing maybe it’s time for you to leave.

    Sorry for your friend.

  8. You’re a good man, John.

  9. Carmelita

    What Lindsey said!!

  10. Zimzo left the same post to all of us, John.
    You are a wonderful man, I agree with Lindsey.
    I’m so very fortunate to have you in my daily cyber life and on those rare occasions when we hang out.
    Much love, dear.

  11. LOL…here i was thinking that i had my own personalized troll, rather than a cut n’ paste gypsy moth.

    much love right back at ya, NC

  12. nice posts – and even if zimzo wasnt personal your explanation of the smantix – NIT thing was nicely done.

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