The King James version, or why sports still matter..

The last couple of days have pretty much reeked.  NIT reeling, Brittney being unfairly lambasted and ultimately resigning, troubles at work that depress me greatly, my friend Ginger in a car wreck, Bush still President..I could go on, but I’d depress myself further.

Normally, I really don’t care about the NBA playoffs.  By this time of the year, basketball should be done with…baseball is in middle-game and walking outside in the evening is a wonderful sport of its own.  But, this season is different.  If you care at all about basketball, you know and appreciate Lebron James, like him and his team, or not.

The NBA finals start tonight.  King James and his Cavaliers face the defending champs, the San Antonio Spurs.  The possible new boss meets the old experienced boss.  I love the threshold seasons in any sport..when a long-standing champ may be on his or her last legs, but hangs on for one more encore in the sun.  Magic Johnson and Kareem against Isaiah Thomas, Joe Frazier against Ali, Nicklaus winning the Masters at age 46…Borg and McEnroe. Those kind of clashes bring out the best..courage, tenacity, leadership and understanding that winning is more than a marker on a scoreboard.

I’m fully aware that not everyone is into sports (d’oh, I live with someone who couldn’t name one Tennessee Titan with a gun to her head), but those of us who do, people like Lebron, the Titans, Vandy (or UT), the Preds, a big series, the French Open finals all bring a lot of us together..the noise of politics and blogflames dissipate and eventually fade.  That bad day at the office suddenly doesn’t seem so important.  Living vicariously isn’t always so bad…bring it ON.

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2 responses to “The King James version, or why sports still matter..

  1. It’s weird to me that Tim Duncan is now considered an old veteran. Wasn’t he just in college, like, yesterday?

  2. I agree.
    I’m a huge Spurs fan and to me it was just a couple of years ago that we lost Sean (Elliot) and David (Robinson) and won our first couple of championships. Tim seems like he’s been in the league maybe 5 years, not 10.

    Then again, i just realized that i graduated high school 10 years ago this month, so my sense of time is obviously 1) lacking perspective and 2) totally warped.

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