It’s a family affair…the Soprano hits the note

Did you really really think that David Chase was gonna tie this thing up with a bow and resolve this mess?  The point that many people forgot (including me from time to time) was that this (The Sopranos) was a show about family.  The ‘mob’ was the hook to lure us in…from the moment the show opened with Tony at the shrink’s office (we later find out his mother tried to rip HIS eyes out, so to speak) to the ending at a table with the nuclear family intact.

The music gave us a few clues (Vanilla Fudge’s ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ was the recurring motif for the night) and probably was David Chase’s idea of a nudge in the ribs of us viewers hoping for the BIG denouement.

You want episodes that ‘make sense’..go get yourself a CSI or a Law and Order.  You want slice of life..then be happy with what HBO served ya up with…I, for one (and I think I’m gonna be lonely on this one) think the ending was nearly perfect.  The show was about family.

We did get to see some of the hanging plot chads resolved.  The head of the opposing family was whacked…Tony’s gang looks like it’s going to start shooting straight again, but the law is moving in on this old gang of ours.

I’m sure the writers enjoyed putting Meadow possibly in the middle of a case that involves her dad’s minions..we only get to think of the possibilities there…A.J. didn’t kill himself and may find direction thanks to mom and dad.

There will be no movie.  This is NOT David Chase’s hook to keep you hanging on until the reel-out.  This is the end, our only friend, ultimately, slice-of-life-wise.   This was a great Journey..don’t stop believing THAT.



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2 responses to “It’s a family affair…the Soprano hits the note

  1. I’m just glad he hammered home the fact that Tony was a true unredeemable sociopath.

    I think that was failing to sink in for some folks. Probably still is.

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